Near Earth Object Project Group
Dhanisha Sateesh
Dhanisha SateeshResearch and Event Coordinator

Dhanisha is a Mission Design Engineer with a background in Aerospace Engineering. Her major areas of research are supersonic flows, trajectory designs and implementing sustainability in space. She enjoys volunteering at several organizations like WoAA (Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Moon Village Association and SGAC. Passionate about improving diversity in the space sector, she is an active part of various ally and support groups. She is also fond of reading and writing and has written various short stories and poems along with several technical articles.

Mahima Gehlot
Mahima GehlotCommunication Lead

Mahima Gehlot is an R&D Project Coordinator with an Aeronautical Engineering background. Her primary research interests are hypersonic flows, aviation and spacecraft design, and planetary defence. She also works as a citizen scientist for ESA’s CNS project.  Her desire to become an astronaut is mirrored in her scientific work.  She is an active climate change enthusiast who works for Greener is Cleaner as an article writer for a website and magazine and social media manager for the GiC India channel. She is an active volunteer for a variety of programmes run by the Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD) and SGAC. She enjoys reading and teaching others about the space sector.

Damiana Irrera
Damiana IrreraCommunication lead

Damiana Irrera is a MSc student in Space Engineeringat Politecnico di Milano. Her topics of interest are SSA, SST and Planetary Defence, and her current research is focused on collision avoidance manoeuvres. She is part of the advisory board of PoliSpace, ISU Alumna, a member of Women in Aerospace and an ASI intern. She is sensitive to the importance of girls’ and women’s roles in STEM and shares the importance of Space Debris Emergency and Near Earth Asteroids’ beauty and utility. She loves to travel and discover other cultures.