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1) ‘Cybersecurity and Space Law & Cybersecurity and Space Assets’ with Dr P.J. Blount and Mr Ram Levi: –  Click here to download the report



3) ‘Cybersecurity of Space-based Weapons Systems I Protecting Space Missions from Cyber Threats’ with Mr Stefano Zatti and Dr Beyza Unal: –  Click here to download the report


3) ‘Space for the Internet of Things: between the race for connectivity and cybersecurity concerns’ with James Pavur and Rémi Ferrier: Click here to download the report


4) ‘International Co-operation in Defending Spacecraft in the Cyber Domain’ with Howard Weiss and Brandon Bailey



5) ‘Side-stream satellite cyber considerations | Difficulties in defining cyber-attacks in space’ with Prof Gregory Falco and Ms. Alexandra Stickings


6) ‘Cybersecurity of Space Data Systems’ with Dimitra Stefoudi from the International Institute of Space Law and Mr. Alexandros Zacharis from the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity


Space & Cyber Brief Series

First issue: Introduction – Author: Laetitia Cesari Zarkan | Reviewed by Antonio Carlo, Paola Breda, Antonia Russo
Click here to download

Second issue: Artificial Intelligence – Author: Rada Markova | Reviewed by Dr. Nebile Pelin Mantı, Sébastien Bonnart, Aaron Pickard, Kathiravan Thangavel, Laetitia Cesari Zarkan
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Articles presented at the International Astronautical Congress

IAC 2020:

The Mission as a Tree: A Novel Approach to Identifying Cyber Threats to Satellites | Authors: Sébastien Bonnart, Aaron Pickard, Dr. Nebile Pelin Mantı, Devanshu Jha

The challenge of protecting space-based assets against cyber threats | Authors: Antonio Carlo, Laetitia Cesari Zarkan, Lisa Lacroix

How to Estimate Insurance Coverage for Cybersecurity Protection for Satellites: A Case Study | Authors: McLee Kerolle, Andrea Capurso

IAC 2021:

Space as NATO’s Operational Domain: The Case of the Cyber Threats against GNSS | Authors: Laetitia Zarkan Cesari, Antonio Carlo, Nebile Pelin Mantı, Lucille Roux

IAC 2022:

Cyber Vulnerabilities and Risks of AI Technologies in Space Applications | Authors: Paola Breda, Rada Markova, Adam F. Abdin, Devanshu Jha, Antonio Carlo, Nebile Pelin Mantı

Understanding Space Vulnerabilities: Developing Technical and Legal Frameworks for AI and Cybersecurity in Space | Authors: Antonio Carlo, Nebile Pelin Mantı, Bintang A.S.W.A.M, Francesca Casamassima, Nicolò Boschetti, Paola Breda, Tobias Rahloff