The logo for the STEA Project Group symbolizes the technological development that benefits Earth. The circle symbolizes the Earth, with the three streaks showing the coverage of satellite services throughout the orbit. The symmetrical geometry that is showin the middle is analogous to the modern advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, while at the same time resembling a camera shutter for Earth Observation satellites.

Logo creator: The logo has been created by our SGAC Brand Identity Manager – Antonio Stark who is a Korea-born space policy consultant and a part-time graphic designer. He represented SGAC in UNCOPUOS, IAC, Space Symposium, UNISPACE+50, and APRSAF. He was also part of the organising teams for SGF 2.0, SGC, and AP-SGW. A consistent nomad, he has lived in San Francisco, Hyderabad, Berlin, London, and is currently residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.