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Welcome to the national SGAC page of Azerbaijan!

Our goal is to generate the space awareness among young generation and initiate the space-related activities in Azerbaijan, promote students and public to be part of such activities, and finally show how the space sector has helped to ease the lives of humans. For the purpose, this page is dedicated to introduce space activities in Azerbaijan and increase the involvement of young Azerbaijani students and young engineers in the global space community to grow this network. We will regularly update the content and you will find through this page, all updates, information and events related to the Azerbaijan space sector.

Young Space Activities Overview in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani space program is mostly carried out through international cooperation during the Soviet era; a few Azerbaijani plants produced equipment for the Soviet Union’s space projects. The program has included a sequence of satellite missions, both national ones and in cooperation with other nations.

The facilities being out-of-date from the Soviet era, Azerbaijani space industry boosted as new formation set up under the state program for development of space industry. Since the first satellite of Azerbaijan (Azerspace-1) launched, interest in space sector and awareness have started to grow gradually among the public. Thus, there is a great potential in Azerbaijan for the promotion of space related activities under SGAC coordination and establish a communication between young national space network and the SGAC.

Now, Azerbaijan has its own space agency (Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency, ANASA), observatory center (Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory) and public owned satellite operator company (Azercosmos OJSCo). There are some activities organized by these institutions with local universities for students who are passionate in space and satellite technologies. The students gain opportunity to visit operation and research facilities and to be enrolled in internship and training programs there.

Country-Specific Events in 2015

29-31 May 2015 – Summer School on Astronomy, Shamaki, Azerbaijan

Through the collaboration of Shamaki Astrophysical Observatory, Qafqaz University, Tusi-Bohm Planetarium and Azercosmos, forty students chosen from 8 universities were given training in Shamaki Astrophysics Observatory by scientists from Azerbaijan and neighboring countries.

22-31 July 2015 – Introduction to Satellite Technologies, Baku, Azerbaijan

Introductory courses on Satellite Technologies were held in Azercosmos Main Satellite Operations Centre for 150 students of the National Aviation Academy.

Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Azerbaijan

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