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Welcome to the country page of SGAC in Germany! The main objective of our community is to connect, inform, and inspire the students and young professionals of Germany’s next generation space leaders.

Our country continues to shape European space activities with a strong national space programme and largest contributor to the European Space Agency. Within SGAC, Germany is strongly represented in the Project Groups, and local, regional, and even international events such as SGC and ESGW.

Please feel free to contact us, share your ideas, and engage with your local space community ([email protected]) !

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Young Space Activities Overview in Germany

In 2021, the first national SGAC event in Germany, the SG [Germany] took place. Initially scheduled for 2020, it had to be postponed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although unfortunately the event had to be conducted online it was still a great success.

Another edition of this event is planned for 2023.

We envision this to become an annual event in different cities and invite you to reach out to the NPoCs for more information!

On a more regular and local basis, SGAC is represented at several significant events and institutions, with formal connections to German industry, the public sector, as well as international actors such as the United Nations in Bonn. Furthermore, SGAC members organised informal gatherings in different cities to connect with other members and like-minded peers. These gatherings are usually arranged in an informal way via messenger groups. If you are interested to join such an event or to organise a gathering in your place, simply reach out to the NPoCs, who will provide you with further information.

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