SGAC Announces a new Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is thrilled to announce the establishment of the  Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform (SGAPP).

Through this new Platform, SGAC will survey the ideas and activities of our members on space policy & advocacy in order to convey them with a united voice to the global space community. The Platform is composed of a central Policy and Advocacy Team (PAT) and various specialised divisions focusing on selected topics and/or geographic areas, and is led by two Policy & Advocacy Coordinators. The purposes of the Platform are to:

  1. Develop, advocate & implement united space policy positions on behalf of the youth;
  2. Coordinate, consolidate & disseminate space policy activities conducted within SGAC.

This Policy and Advocacy Platform will allow SGAC to increase the effectiveness of its existing policy and advocacy activities, as well as to develop and implement new initiatives in these areas. Through the platform, SGAC aims to increase the relevance and impact of the young generations in global policy and advocacy processes for the peaceful, prosperous and sustainable uses of space. The Platform will allow SGAC to strategically centralise and coordinate our Policy and Advocacy activities to the United Nations, international multilateral organisations, and national governments.

 In pursuance of this vision, the SGAPP will produce:

  1. Policy reports providing the united space policy position of the youth on selected space topics, coupled with related advocacy campaigns and implementation actions. 
  2. Policy overviews consolidating policy inputs and activities throughout SGAC, coupled with related dissemination and implementation actions.

“We are incredibly excited to see the Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform coming to life. This Platform builds upon many forward-thinking policy initiatives within SGAC – such as the EAGLE Team or the Task Force on US Space Policy – and we hope it can be instrumental in fostering many more. We are truly honoured for the support and trust of the Executive Committee and we will do our best to support SGAC’s ambitions in space policy and advocacy”

Antonino and Giuliana, SGAPP Coordinators 

“This is a fantastic initiative, led by Antonino and Giuliana, to consolidate and strengthen policy and advocacy efforts within SGAC. Space policy and advocacy are a key pillar of SGAC activities, and their ambitious platform accelerates SGAC’s ambitions within this area. The platform has the full support of the SGAC Executive Committee and we are excited to see their work develop as they bring together inputs from SGAC’s global membership and communicate a united vision from the next generation of the space community to the United Nations, national governments, decision makers, and other spheres of influence.”

Harriet Brettle and Anthony Yuen, SGAC Co-Chairs

To learn more about the SGAPP please contact the Policy & Advocacy Coordinators, Antonino Salmeri & Giuliana Rotola, at [email protected]