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Announcement of the Winners of the SGAC – LSA NewSpace Europe 2019 – Pitch Competition Grant

SGAC Announces the winners of the SGAC – LSA NewSpace Europe 2019 – Pitch Competition Grant in collaboration with the Luxembourg Space Agency   SGAC is proud to announce the winners of the SGAC – LSA NewSpace Europe 2019 – Pitch Competition Grant, sponsored by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA). The 5 grant winners will [...]

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SGAC is looking for a Deputy Executive Director

The SGAC Deputy Director will support leading the development and execution of the strategy behind the SGAC, driving workforce development by inspiring students and young professionals, and offering them a platform to discuss key issues of the space industry, interact with current space leaders and share their views about the future of space.

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Announcement on SGAC website – Pioneer Award 2019

Back in 2002, I joined a trip to Houston, to attend the World Space Congress (WSC) and visit some tech sites including NASA JSC. During this trip I heard that an organization called Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) was celebrating its first Space Generation Summit in conjunction with the WSC. The name stuck in my mind. I was still very young to join, but this picture of students and young professionals actively contributing to something I was also passionate about inspired me. 

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Announcement of the Spanish Space Congress 2019 Essay Competition Winner

SGAC Announces the Winner of the Spanish Space Congress 2019 Essay Competition SGAC in cooperation with TEDAE we are pleased to announce Mario Ortega Pérez is the winner of the Spanish Space Congress Competition who will attend the  Congreso del Espacio on 9-10th of October 2019 in Madrid. SGAC would like to thank TEDAE for their support to [...]

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Member of the Month for September 2019: Ahmed Abdi

As a former refugee who had the privilege of getting educated all the way to a Masters degree and specialising in space, Ahmed Abdi could firsthand appreciate the benefits of space has had for humanity and how it could mitigate if not prevent some of the crises that have happened in places like Somalia including the civil war, deforestation, food insecurity, famine/droughts, etc.

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SGAC Announces the Winner of the SSS Essay Competition

SGAC is pleased to announce Alexander Gilbert (USA) as the winner of the SSS Essay Competition 2019. Organized with the support of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the SGAC Space Safety and Sustainability (SSS) Project Group invited participants aged 18 to 35 from around the world to take part in this essay competition. The competition provided entrants with the opportunity to introduce new ideas on the topic of how humankind could expand into outer space and most importantly, in a safe and sustainable way.

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  1. 6th Asia Pacific Space Generation Workshop 2019

    November 23 @ 08:00 - November 24 @ 17:00
  2. First Latvian Space Conference

    November 29 @ 09:30 - 17:00
  3. AF-SGW – 2019

    November 30 @ 08:00 - December 1 @ 17:00
  4. New Space Economy European ExpoForum

    December 10 - December 12
  5. 1st Middle East Space Generation Workshop

    December 14 @ 08:00 - December 15 @ 17:00