Achieving Net Zero: A Space Industry Perspective

In the NCAC Policy & Advocacy Webinar Series, we discuss policy topics relevant to the NCAC region with an international lens. For this webinar, we will discuss the impacts of the space industry on Earth’s climate and pathways to “net zero” emissions and environmentally friendly practices.

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Space Careers Workshop – North & South America

This workshop is part of SGAC's Space Mentoring Program and will be open to existing SGAC mentees and selected registrants of the wider public. The objective is to inspire students and young professionals about the space sector, enhance the visibility of role models in the field, and increase mentorship opportunities for the next generation of youth from the Americas.

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Space Generation Leadership Forum

The SGAC Space Education & Professional Development team is inviting you, our SGAC volunteering team members, to our internal professional development event - the SpaceGen Leaders Forum (SGLF). Started in 2021 and recently revived, SGLF will now be an annual platform to commemorate and enhance the visibility of initiatives, instances of leadership, and efforts across all volunteers within SGAC. This edition of SGLF will be to showcase the work carried out in 2023, with a full-fledged version to be expected by the end of the year for 2024.

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Fast and Accurate Probability of Collision Toolkits for Near-Earth and Cislunar Applications

With increasing traffic in near-Earth and Cislunar space, it has become essential to develop fast and accurate methods of predicting collisions between space objects. This is an important topic of discussion in current Space Situational Awareness (SSA) domain research. Orbit determination methods provide users with a state and an uncertainty associated with an object in space. This tells the user where the spacecraft is and with what percent certainty. Because there are limited observation resources, it is essential to have the ability to propagate this information to desired times accurately. Generally, this is accomplished using numerical Monte Carlo methods, where a point cloud of millions of points is taken from the initial uncertainty and each of these points are propagated to the final time. This is highly accurate with a large number of points but adds to a high computational expense. To minimize this cost, we look for analytical and semi-analytical methods that are faster but can still reach good statistical accuracy. This seminar will focus on an introduction to SSA, collision prediction methods, and the semi-analytical toolkits developed to achieve fast and accurate collision probabilities. The target audience is students and young professionals interested in SSA research and tools.

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SPACEtacular: An interstellar collaboration between PhilSA, BatStateU – AEROESS, and SGAC

The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA), the Batangas State University (BatStateU) - Aerospace Engineering Students' Society (AEROESS), and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) have joined forces to hold the very first online webinar dubbed “SPACEtacular”, which will take students, researchers, and other young space enthusiasts on an exciting opportunity to learn about the recent advancements in space technology, research, and innovation. This interstellar collaboration will embark on the overview of the Philippine Satellite Program and will uncover the fundamental concepts on lean satellite missions and utilization, small satellite systems engineering, and the general satellite project management process to be delivered by Filipino engineers who pioneered in the development of the Philippine’s small satellites. Join us as we learn their incredible achievements in promoting and sustaining a robust Philippine space ecosystem that adds and creates value in space for and from Filipinos and for the world.

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Search For Life In Space

Get the answers to your questions about the search for life in the Universe! Our guest is Dr. Adrienne Kish, the Associate Professor in Astrobiology from Muséum National d'Histoire National (MNHN), France. Her research projects aim to understand what are the limits of life, why such limits exist, and how the conditions found on other planets could affect microbial life as we know it!

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SGAC x ECSL Model UN 2023

SGAC x ECSL collaboration comes back with the 2nd edition of the Model UN COPUOS! Join us for 3 days of discussions during Model UN Committee on the Uses of Outer Space! Representing one of the United Nations Member States, you will discuss the topics of sustainability of outer space. As such, you shall fit within your assigned Nation’s beliefs and political or economical interests, negotiate with other countries, and try to shape the future of Space Law!

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