SGAC and the French Space Agency, CNES are proud to announce that three outstanding SGAC members will be supported to attend the 17th Space Generation Congress (SGC) (27 – 29 September 2018)  and 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Bremen, Germany  01 – 05 October 2018).  The CNES will provide scholarships up to 1000€ to all recipients. The scholarship was open to all students of French nationality and students of all nationality studying in France. They had to submit their CV and a letter of motivation for this scholarship.


Florian Marmuse (FRANCE)

Florian graduated from École polytechnique and ISAE-SUPAERO in Physics and Aerospace Engineering. He is now a PhD student in plasma physics for space propulsion with ThrustMe and Sorbonne Université in Paris. He also leads a CubeSat project at École polytechnique, has organized SpaceUp events, and is French National Point of Contact for SGAC.

“By letting me participate to both SGC and IAC in Bremen, this scholarship from CNES and SGAC will allow me to present my work, get new ideas and contacts, and further develop my network.“


Florine LACHEVRE is 22 years old and she’s French. She is currently in her last year of studies doing an internship at the CNES. She is working on a project to realize a martian UAV. She is studying mechatronics engineering at the engineer school SUPMECA in Paris and will graduate in October 2018.

“Winning this scholarship means that I will be able to talk and discover even more a domain that interests me a lot: aerospatial.“


Laurent Berdeu (FRANCE)

Laurent Berdeu graduated with a French engineering school degree (equivalent of a Master of Science degree) in electrical engineering and control from ENSEEIHT in 2017 and hold a post-graduate advanced master degree in space systems engineering from ISAE-SUPAERO. At ENSEEIHT, my major was the control of critical systems.

In 2016, he spent more than two months as an intern for the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. He designed and realised a new prototype of a brushless DC motor control board for a NASA-JPL robot. He was in charge of the whole board design from scratch and to conceive and implement the control laws.
From March to September 2017, he worked at CNES Toulouse. He was the project leader of ROAMER. This student project consists in sending a small rover to the Moon. His work was to conceive, develop and build a functional mock-up and to present it during the international Paris air show. The role of this mock-up is to demonstrate the feasibility of sending a lightweight rover to the moon at a very low cost. He had to design the CAD, and all the electronic from the board design to the motors control laws.

“This scholarship is the occasion to discuss with a lot of people working in the domain I am passionate with. It will also bring me more knowledge and points of view about space domain. This is very interesting to me to meet these people and talk with them during the congresses.“