SGAC is pleased to announce the winner of the SGFF 2024 NASA Exploration Scholarship for students and young professionals to attend the SGFF 2024 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, April 5-8, 2024!

Congratulations Charlie!

Alexander Hope Ferdinand Ferguson

 Carlos “Charlie” Garcia, 27, is the Chief Engineer at Agile Space Industries in Durango, CO. Charlie leads development of regeneratively cooled & throttling engine products, monopropellant products, and propulsion systems at Agile. Charlie started at Agile as the 4th full-time employee and helped build the team to the over 70 employees it has today. Charlie has previously worked at SpaceX on the Launch Integration and Stage 2 Manufacturing teams. Charlie supported eleven launches from Cape Canaveral, including the second Falcon 9 first-stage reuse launch for BulgariaSat-1. Charlie is the Treasurer of the Foundation Board for the Cosmosphere International Science Education Center in Hutchinson, KS. Charlie has a passion for science communication, creating educational long-format videos on rocket propulsion, and sharing his hobby rocket adventures in the Mojave Desert. Charlie holds a BSc. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT.

“Space exploration is the best avenue by which the future of humanity can be improved for everyone, through extra-terrestrial resources, increased access to energy, and a greater understanding of the world we come from. The NASA Exploration Scholarship is an honor and privilege, as well as a responsibility to help the SGAC realize that better world.”