SGAC is pleased to announce the winners of the SGx2024 NASA SCaN Scholarship for students and young professionals to attend the SGx2024 in Washington, DC on 18-19 March!

Congratulations Richard and Michael!

Richard Joseph Drozdowski

Richard Joseph Drozdowski is a Senior Data Analyst in the aerospace industry in Germany, working for a First Tier IT Consulting firm. For one year he has worked as a Trainee in Data Analysis and Software Development at Airbus, Department of Flight Physics, Hamburg, Germany, where he participated in the A321XRL program. Prior to this he was working also as a Trainee in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization at The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics – NATO laboratory, in Rhodes, Belgium. In parallel to his working activities Richard is also enrolled in the last year of the Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering in Pisa, Italy. He graduated Summa cum Laude in the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Ancona, Italy. His thesis work, carried out the University of Ancona, lead to the development of a non-contact non-destructive technique able to reverse engineer composite material panels.

“I am deeply grateful to have received the NASA SCaN Scholarship, and thanks to this opportunity, I would like to foster, following SGAC vision and guidance, the younger generations, encouraging them to work and study space related fields. Being an example, and showing that dreams can come true.”

Michael Kuban

Michael Kuban is in his last semester at The Ohio State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics with a specialization in Computer Science. He is interested in the application of quantum mechanics to space exploration. Specifically, he has experience in quantum communications through an internship conducted at NASA Glenn Research Center, where he wrote software to validate theoretical space-based quantum networking simulations. Additionally, Michael has a passion for STEM education and outreach. He has been a teaching assistant in the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors program at OSU for 3 years, and he is currently working on founding a STEM outreach startup called Quant-Arcade. Upon his graduation this spring, he plans to continue developing his startup company as he prepares to begin pursuing a PhD in quantum engineering this coming autumn.

“I am beyond grateful to have received the NASA SCaN Scholarship to attend SGx2024. I am looking forward to contributing my own perspective to the vibrant and diverse community that SGAC represents.”