1st WEBINAR Model UN 101

April 24th, 2022

First time competing in a Model UN? Don’t worry, we’ve got your backs! MUN 101 will provide background on what to expect during the sessions. Listen carefully and you might be able to get tips on how to win the ‘Best Delegate’ award!

This webinar will also introduce you to the rules of procedure, position papers, and give you additional information on UN COPUOS.

Space policy advisor at Global Affairs Canada (Dept. of Foreign affairs and Trade)

Legal Consultant at UNIDROIT & Co-chair at SGAC

2nd WEBINAR Space resources: Law, Policies and backgrounds

May 1st, 2022

Unacquainted with the space sector? Unaware of the current Space Resources topic’s complexity? Or simply interested by listening to professional space law experts? This webinar will quench your thirst for knowledge.

As such, recognising the increased interest in activities on celestial bodies in general, and activities involving space resources in particular, and taking into account various initiatives to develop normative instruments applicable to space resource activities, as well as the desire for legal certainty and international cooperation in this regard, some experts working in different areas and regions will share different perspectives on activities and initiatives related to space resource utilization, exploration and exploitation that are conducted by intergovernmental and national actors.

Head of the Public International Law Division at ESA

Associate Chief Counsel for International Matters at NASA

Professor Emeritus and Vice-Chair of the UNCOPUOS LSC Space Resources Working Group

Supreme Court Barrister in Nigeria