SGAC Newsletter – Alumni Team Contribution

By: Katrin Dietmayer And Harriet Brettle

SGAC alumni team co-leads

The SGAC community is fortunate to include a huge number of distinguished alumni and the outstanding power of the SGAC community is clear in forging lasting friendships, inspiring business ideas, as well as launching future career opportunities. 

The goal of the SGAC alumni team is to create a long-standing sense of community for the SGAC alumni network and provide a platform for SGAC alumni to socialize, network, and give back to the SGAC community. The SGAC alumni team is excited to look back to a successful year 2023! On behalf of the alumni team, we’re happy to provide an update on a number of ongoing initiatives to strengthen the SGAC alumni community! Keep posted and have a great start into the new year 2024! 🚀

The famous SGAC Alumni night during SGC!

Thank you for celebrating with us during our favourite evening of the year: Alumni Night at IAC, kindly sponsored by Planet! The presence of SGAC members, alumni and friends transformed it into an unforgettable occasion. All of this, is set against the stunning backdrop of the Baku skyline. The passion, friendship, and engaging conversations added a special sparkle to the event, much like the stars in the night sky. It’s these moments that emphasize the extraordinary community that makes SGAC what it is. Let’s continue this great tradition next year in Italy!

Thank you for your Generosity: Two Scholarships Funded for 2024 during the 2023 Alumni Donation Campaign!

We are thrilled to share with you the exceptional result of the Alumni Donation Campaign – a first of its kind! Between September 28, 2023 and October 13, 2023, all donations to the Alumni Fund were pooled in a focused campaign and the outcome is truly remarkable. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of this community, we are now able to fund two additional SGLA scholarships in 2024!

The support of 20 incredibly generous donations is nothing short of remarkable as we sum up to a total contribution over $5000. This contribution will be evenly divided to create not one, but two scholarships in 2024.

Thank you to all donors for your unwavering support and dedication!

The SGAC Alumni End of the Year Party!

This online event brought together over 50 SGAC alumni and members to share their SGAC experiences and to celebrate the past year! In this webinar, we heard from renowned SGAC alumni award winner Lance Bush, who talked about his past experiences and shared funny stories with us. As he noted: It’s amazing to see what SGAC is today and we made it that far to have an active SGAC Alumni community -> that’s a big deal!