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SGAC ha sido crucial para allanar el camino para la nueva generación – An interview with Victoria Alonsoperez

Me encantó mi tiempo en SGAC, creo que fue una gran experiencia para mí. Comencé como Punto Nacional de Contacto de Uruguay, luego fui Coordinadora Regional para América del Sur, luego co-chair y luego miembro asesor, por lo que ha sido excelente. Para mí, SGAC ha sido una organización que me abrió tantas puertas. Recuerdo la primera vez que conocí SGAC, fue en 2009, cuando obtuve la beca para jóven de la IAF, que ahora se conoce como el Emerging Space Leader Award, así que obtuve la beca y pude ir a Corea del Sur, parte de la beca era ser parte del Space Generation Congress, del que nunca escuché en mi vida, pero desde el segundo que llegué a SGAC fue como un sueño hecho realidad.

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“Crea en lo que está haciendo y siga intentándolo” – An interview with Oscar Ojeda

"Las cosas que valen la pena, no serán fáciles, y siempre hay que seguir intentándolo", dice el Coordinador Regional de Sudamérica sobre la lección más importante que ha aprendido hasta ahora.

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Op’Ed: Thoughts on UN COPUOS

How do we govern space? This is a difficult question. It cuts across technological, policy, and legal considerations, across country borders and generations. Furthermore, as a global commons, it is in the interest of almost all countries to ensure that the benefits of space can be shared equally among nations; essential to this idea is ensuring peace in space.

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Op’Ed: From Sustainable Development Goals to Space Sustainability Goals

In diplomatic circles more than ever before we talk about an increasingly congested, contested and competitive nature of a strategic space environment. At the same time the dependence from, and reliance, on space technologies and derived services is growing exponentially. This calls for global solutions to space sustainability challenges that we encounter nowadays and that can endanger safe conduct of space operations in the future.

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Earth Observation: A Downstream Market Perspective

The privatization of the space industry has led to the rise of multidisciplinary applications in various industries. This move can be considered as one of the strongest driving forces behind the peaceful utilization of space resources. There are many different applications of EO that are providing valuable inputs for various industrial verticals such as agriculture, disaster management, weather forecasting, national security, etc. These applications have one thing in common, which is the use of satellite imagery to extract valuable terrestrial data. Further, tailored services are developed from these satellite imagery, and distributed as per the needs of the industry.

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“I want to have astronomy go viral in Pakistan” – Interview with Yumna Majeed

I really can't tell you when exactly it started. It's innate. Exploring what's outside our planet has been my curiosity, dream, ambition since childhood.

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“SGAC has been crucial to paving the road for the new generation” – An interview with Victoria Alonsoperez

I completely loved my time at SGAC, I think that it was a great journey for me. I started as National Point of Contact (NPoC) of Uruguay, then I went to being Regional Coordinator for South America, later Chair and then an advisory role, so it’s been great. SGAC has been an organisation that opened so many doors. I remember the first time that I actually got to know SGAC: it was in 2009, when I got the IAF youth grant (now known as the Emerging Space Leaders Award) and I got to go to South Korea and, as part of the grant, the Space Generation Congress.

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“Believe in what you are doing and keep trying” – An interview with Oscar Ojeda

"Things that are worth it, will not be easy, and to just keep trying.", says the Regional Coordinator of South America about the most important lesson that he has learned so far.

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