SGAC Welcomes New Team Members!

SGAC is proud to announce the following appointments to our team.

  • Palaniappan Subramanian – Jobs Board Co-Lead
  • Marc-Philipp Paarmann – Jobs Board Co-Lead
  • Sondes Morchedi – Mentoring Team Member
  • David Eagleson – Space Policy and Law PG Co-Lead
  • Hlib Cheporniuk – Space and Cyber PG Co-Lead
  • Deborah Faboade – Programming Member

If you are interested in being part of the SGAC Team, you can find the latest vacancies here.

Palaniappan Subramanian

Jobs Board Co-Lead

Palaniappan is a Space Enthusiast and has been an active member of the Aerospace community for the past 7 years. He is currently pursuing his masters in Space Engineering course at TU Berlin. He has been part of some Space Development organizations including SGAC for some time now and is now joining SGAC as a Jobs Board Co-Lead to help outreach in a much more significant manner.

Marc-Philipp Paarmann

Jobs Board Co-Lead

Marc-Philipp Paarmann is a final year graduate student in Electronic Space Systems. His educational background spans robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as software engineering, enriched by experience in a startup environment. However, his specialization lies in space systems engineering and onboard data handling.

In addition to his technical expertise, Marc-Philipp has been active in managing various initiatives to create opportunities for students. His commitment to this cause will now be channeled into his new role at SGAC as Jobs Board Co-Lead.

Sondes Morchedi

Mentoring Team Member

Sondes Morchedi is currently pursuing her PhD in aerospace studies in Munich, Germany. Since joining the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in 2020, she has actively contributed to various initiatives within the association, including participating in research groups and co-authoring several research papers.

David Eagleson

Space Policy and Law PG Co-Lead

David Eagleson is a University of Cambridge Law Graduate and a candidate on the LL.M. (Advanced Studies) in Air and Space Law at the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University. He has been a researcher on several projects of the SGAC Space Law and Policy Project Group and most recently held the position of Events Coordinator. He is a Prospective Member of the International Institute of Space Law.

Following his graduation from the University of Cambridge, David worked as a Graduate Business Analyst at Astroscale in the United Kingdom. He is a co-author of several space law and policy papers written during his time at both SGAC and Astroscale. In 2023, he presented two of these papers at the International Astronautical Congress held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Recently, David was a panellist on the Space, Technology, and Security panel at the NATO Youth Summit. He also wrote for the NATO Review on the topic of ‘Protecting our Critical Satellite Infrastructure’. David is passionate about the topics of Space Security and Space Sustainability and recognises SGAC’s importance in providing young people with a voice to discuss these important issues.

Hlib Cheporniuk

Space and Cyber PG Co-Lead

Hlib is a Telecom Systems Engineer, employed by the HE Space Operation B.V. and working for their client – European Space Agency. His domains of interest are secure & resilient satcom systems, satcom constellations, non-terrestrial networks, and space cybersecurity.

Deborah Faboade

Programming Member

Deborah is an Industry Analyst at Space in Africa and enjoys philosophical discussions in her free time.