SGAC Welcomes New Team Members!

SGAC is proud to announce the following appointments to our team

  • Neha Upadhyay – Web and Data Lead
  • Francesco Ventre – Commercial Space PG Co-Lead
  • Eli Djomekou – Public Relations and Communication Co-Lead
  • Tatenda Zvirahwa – Membership Co-Manager
  • Lidia Fuentes Coll – Regional Social Media Manager
  • Trevor Owen – Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group Co-Lead

If you are interested in being part of the SGAC Team, you can find the latest vacancies here.

Neha Upadhyay

Web and Data Lead

Neha is a versatile engineer with seven years of industry experience in software engineering and a rich background in interdisciplinary technologies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering and is currently pursuing a master’s in Industrial AI at IIT Madras. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she worked on projects involving sensors, embedded design, and biomedical instrumentation, including developing a safety circuit for defibrillator paddles used in remote areas, sponsored by a biomedical startup.

Beginning her career as a backend software engineer, Neha quickly embraced new challenges, expanding her expertise to front-end engineering and big data technologies. She earned accolades for her innovative solutions and leadership, organized the Pune Data Conference, and actively engaged in CSR activities. Her curiosity led her to collaborate on space technology research, focusing on Mars exploration and instrumentation, with her team’s proposal accepted at the International Astronautical Congress.

In her master’s program, Neha delves into AI concepts, particularly time series analysis and computer vision. She is researching earth’s surface and environmental feature analysis using AI for her thesis. Neha’s vision is to create innovative, sustainable solutions that inspire and improve existing technologies, driven by her determination to bridge technological gaps and the human world with creative solutions.

Francesco Ventre

Commercial Space PG Co-Lead

Francesco Ventre is a Business Developer at ispace Europe. He holds a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Naples “Federico II” and an MSc in Space Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He is an ISU Space Studies Program alumnus from the class of 2021. Passionate about aerospace entrepreneurship and economy, he is the co-founder (and former CEO) of Walle srl the first Italian airline for “taxi-drones”. Before joining ispace, he was the innovation manager of the most prominent cluster of manufacturing companies in northeast Italy.

He is an active member of SGAC, Women In Aerospace, and the IAF Space Entrepreneurship Committee. Within SGAC, he took part in several events, covering different roles (1st ISSC, 5th ISSC, 7th ESGW, SGFF 2024, SGC 2023 & 2024), he is the current co-lead of the Commercial Space Project Group. He is on the Advisory Board of Polispace, the first space association of Politecnico di Milano that he co-founded in 2020. At the end of 2021 he also contributed to the creation of SEDS Italy, the federation of Italian universities space associations; he is now part of the Advisory Board. He is author and co-author of several conference proceedings. His hobbies include watching anime, reading, and listening to music.

Eli Djomekou

Public Relations and Communication Co-Lead

Eli is an aspiring Planetary Geoscientist, currently studying for his Masters in Europe. He has interest in Planetary science, Planetary Geology and Space exploration.

Tatenda Zvirahwa

Membership Co-Manager

Tatenda is the Assistant Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager at Fastjet Zimbabwe.

His role covers a multitude of responsibilities including maintenance of the quality management system, ensuring the planning and administration of the Quality Assurance Programme is in conformity with Fastjet and IOSA standards and comply with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe requirements.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, an IATA Airline Quality Management Diploma, a Drone Pilot License, the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Professional Certificate in Project Management.

He is an experienced Aviation Quality Assurance, Safety and Compliance professional with experience working and leading projects in the airline industry, air ambulance and private charter operations.

Lidia Fuentes Coll

Regional Social Media Manager

Lidia is a dedicated member of the Space Generation Advisory Council, bringing a wealth of passion to the organisation. With a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, she combines technical thoughts with strategic insight. Lidia has made significant contributions to various SGAC Events, her multidisciplinary background enables her to bridge the gap between engineering and marketing. Passionate about space, Lidia strives to inspire and engage the next generation of space professionals.

Trevor Owen

Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group Co-Lead

Trevor is a Guidance, Navigation, and Control Engineer from the United States. He previously worked as a Systems Engineer. Trevor holds a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, where he specialized in orbital mechanics. His work with SGAC and in academia has focused on orbital carrying capacity, space debris, and space sustainability. Trevor has been a member of SGAC since 2021 and has supported multiple efforts within the organization as both an individual contributor and leader. In his most recent role, Trevor was a leader in the Space Safety and Sustainability PG’s review of UN COPUOS’ Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines.