2018 Delegate Application

Delegate Applications are accepted from 14 January to 10 February 2018.  You must be an eligible and registered member of the Space Generation Advisory Council in order to apply to the Space Generation Fusion Forum. Becoming a member of SGAC is free! You can read more about the benefits of membership, and create an account.

The delegate selection process for SGFF is highly competitive. Information you provide will be used to evaluate your application to be a delegate at the 7th Space Generation Fusion Forum.

Applicants will be evaluated specifically in the areas of motivation, experience, industry awareness and insights, passion, and enthusiasm.

Specifically, we will be evaluating your responses to the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in participating in SGFF? (50-100 words)
  • Please describe your relevant academic, professional, and/or volunteer experiences that you will bring to SGFF. (Max 200 words)
  • What do you view as the greatest challenge to humanity’s continued expansion into Space in the next ten years, either from a technology, business, or policy standpoint? (Max 200 words)
  • What is the most exciting potential use of Space to you? (Max 200 words)

You are welcome to write a paragraph or a series of bullet points for each question. Remember we can only assess you on the information provided, so feel free to add details where appropriate (e.g. “interned at JSC for 3 months in mission operations” vs “completed internship” when discussing experiences, or “I would like to show how the energy industry and aerospace can collaborate” vs “I have new perspectives” when discussing unique insights).

You should hear about the result of your application sometime during the last week of February. Successful applicants will receive an email with further instructions, as well as information on how to pay for registration.

Global Grants Programme Application

The Global Grants Programme facilitates the attendance of international delegates who bring unique and insightful firsthand perspectives to the Space Generation Fusion Forum. This is accomplished through awarding grants to selected applicants that will provide support to attend the 7th Space Generation Fusion Forum (15 – 16 April, 2018) and 34th Space Symposium (16 – 19 April, 2018) held in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

You can find out more information about the Global Grants Programme here.

The Global Grant Programme Application Form can be found after you submitted your SGFF Delegate Application. We recommend you prepare your responses for the application beforehand and copy and paste into the application form. The information needed for your Global Grant Programme Application can be found here. Selected recipients of the Global Grants Programme will be notified by 15 February 2018.

Registration Cost

Accepted delegates will receive further information on how to secure their spot by paying the non-refundable registration fee.

2018 SGFF Registration Fees

Full-Time Post-Secondary Students* – $175 USD

Young Professionals** –  $225 USD

Included in the cost of registration:

  • Entry to the 2018 Space Generation Fusion Forum on April 15 & 16, 2018
  • Breakfast and Coffee breaks for Day 1 and Day 2
  • Dinner and Lunch on Day 1 (15 April, 2018)
  • Delegate materials, including sponsored “swag”
  • Entry to the opening ceremony of the 34th Space Symposium and NewGen luncheon on 16 April, 2018 at the Broadmoor Hotel
  • One (1) complimentary ticket to Yuri’s Night at the Space Foundation Discovery Center (Sunday – 15 April, 2018)
  • Discount for registration to the 34th Space Symposium***

* Proof of enrolment may be requested.

** Young professionals are individuals between the age of 18 to 35 as of April 15th, 2018 who are not students.

*** A limited number of discount codes are provided and subject to availability

Applications are Now Closed.