Meet the SG[France]2024 Team!

Managers Team


Audrey LUCAS

Event Manager

Audrey is a young graduate of double master’s degree in management and business administration at the Toulouse School of Management. Currently working for Airbus Protect as a Consultant, she is an aerospace enthusiast and has also worked three years next to aircraft engines, when she was an apprentice at Safran, during her engineering studies specialised in industrial computing.

Her lifelong aerospace passion led her to pursue engineering studies. Curious about various scientific topics, she finds joy in connecting with diverse individuals and expanding her knowledge. However, like many in her generation, she is  aware of the urgency surrounding climate change and how important it is to act for the greater good by addressing those environmental concerns. She strives to align her passion for environmental issues with her enduring fascination for space.

She discovered SGAC through the SG[France]2020 and after attending the event for three years, she joined the organisational team for the 2023 edition as part of the logistic team. As event manager for 2024, she is very enthusiastic to propose a 6th edition of this event and to ensure a stellar experience for all attendees.

Vedant Paul MOGHA

Deputy Manager

Vedant Paul Mogha recently embarked on an exciting new journey as a Cost Engineer at OHB SE in Bremen, joining their Proposals and Cost Analysis Division. With a rich two-year tenure at the European Space Agency (ESA), he honed expertise as a Cost Engineer and led the Mechanical Test Campaign of the ESA Young Professionals Satellite, fueling a lifelong passion for space exploration.

Vedant’s journey at ESA was not just a professional milestone but also a dream realised for a space enthusiast. The invaluable experiences and the collaborative spirit of the cost engineering team and peers at the YPSat team at ESTEC have been instrumental in shaping his career, instilling confidence to tackle new challenges in the evolving space industry.

Described as broad-minded, social, and outgoing, Vedant brings a rich international background to the table. With a natural flair for communication, fostered through various associative and volunteering engagements, he is adept at connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, making a significant impact in every professional endeavor. He wishes to bring out the same as the co-manager of SGFrance 2024.

 Communication Team


Gabriel COSCAS

Passionate about space from his young age, Gabriel is a young space engineer. He recently graduated in this very field at both Cranfield University and IPSA. He’s now working within the launchers’ direction of CNES in Paris on the GNC (Guidance Navigation and Control) part of reusable rockets projects, on behalf of CS Group.

After having attended as a delegate two previous editions of SG[France] in 2021 and 2023, Gabriel wished to become part of the organising team for SG[France]2024. And his wish became a reality!



Yeliz is a recent graduate from IMT Mines Alès with a major in Industrial Performances and Mechatronics Systems. Although she studied from a generalist engineering school she has always been passionate about space and did several internships in the space industry including with NASA, Space Application Services in Brussels, and more recently at Moss (joint venture Airbus and Thales). This last experience gave her the taste to continue her career in this domain and she is currently looking for new opportunities while taking online classes at EPFL. She also recently discovered SGAC and wanted to get involved so she joined the communication team since she is also very fond of graphic art and design.


Antoinette OTT

Antoinette, a recent graduate from ISAE-SUPAERO, has a strong interest in space and is sensitive to sustainable development. She chose to specialise in Earth Observation and orbital systems, seeking to merge her aerospace interests with environmental considerations. Her end-of-studies internship at CSG (the Europe spaceport) in French Guiana focused on flight safety, giving her practical experience in space mission operations.

Antoinette has just completed her internship at the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Space Office. Her work there involved researching how ESA’s Earth Observation missions can minimise their environmental impact, aiming to support Europe’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. She is also involved with AERO DECARBO, a French organisation that addresses the environmental impacts of space systems.

Next year, she’s set to start at MaiaSpace as an Environmental Performance Engineer. In this role, she’ll assess and work on mitigating the environmental impact of a new launcher. Antoinette looks forward to contributing her insights on sustainability and space at the SGAC event, blending her interests to foster a greener future in aerospace.


Delegates Team


Alexandre BERTRAND

Alexandre is a 1st year MSc student in space engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Always curious about science, from a young age,  and all fields included, it is in the space sector that he decided to throw himself in. Indeed the intellectual challenge and the rigour needed to develop and run a space mission sounds like what he was looking for. Furthermore, as he like to see it, space exploration is nowaday the closest experience that we can get to exploration with, instead of Caravels, metallic ships.

His journey with SGAC began last year, when a friend talked to him about this event regrouping lots of space enthusiasts. He participated, took a place in the sustainability working group and really appreciated the experience and the people that he encountered. He joined this year the delegates team.



Audrey is a senior year student at IPSA, majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a specialisation in Space, Launchers, and Satellites. Her academic journey and initial professional experiences have reinforced her passion for the space industry. She completed two internships at Thales Alenia Space, focusing on Assembly Integration and Tests of telecommunication satellites. 

Driven by her fascination with Space Operations, Audrey will undertake her end-of-studies internship as an Operations Engineer for Telespazio and CNES in Toulouse. She thrives on collaborative work, actively contributing to space exploration and operations.

Her introduction to SGAC came recently through a schoolmate who is already a member of the team. Joining the SG[France]2024 organisation team presents an exciting opportunity for Audrey to connect with fellow enthusiasts, and actively participate in the future of the space industry.


Finance Team


Mathieu LAFONT

Mathieu is currently holding the position of Pre Sales Engineer for Satcom at Airbus Defense and Space in Toulouse, France. On a daily basis, he works on satellite telecommunication offers for government customers. From small equipment to anchoring stations that are based on land, sea or in the sky he evolved at the crossroads between technical expertise and financial modelling, ensuring the viability of offers. 

He holds a Master Degree in Aerospace System Engineering from IPSA (2022) where he studied mechatronics and also started his first experience at Airbus Defence & Space as an Engineer for a Metal 3d Printing for in situ utilisation. He went to South Korea to study Bio Mechanical Engineering. 

He continued with a Specialised Master in Technological innovation Management at Toulouse Business School (2023). This year he performed an apprenticeship at Airbus Innovation Division (Airbus Scale) where he worked as a Venture Architect for competitive Intelligence, financial analysis and venture building.

Alongside his studies Mathieu is managing Analogue missions for Astronaute Analogue Training Center in Poland and starting to follow courses in Geopolitics. Coming From Carribean, the space industry is a dream where he hopes to have a positive impact and he is open for any discussion.


 Logistics Team



Lola, who is originally from Lyon, is currently in her third year of a Franco-Spanish double degree program at Sciences Po Lille, after completing a year of preparatory classes and a year of law studies at the same time. She currently lives in Spain, where she is studying international relations and global studies at the University of Salamanca.

Passionate about space and international relations, Lola created the association “Mission Relations Internationales”, focusing on Defence, geopolitics and international relations, where she is now responsible for writing space-related articles. 

She discovered the SGAC at the Assises du New Space in Paris, thanks to a friend of hers, and since then she has been looking forward to the SGAC France 2024, where she is part of the logistics team, to continue her exploration of this domain that fascinates her.



Currently working as an aerospace engineer on the main stage of the MaiaSpace rocket. Simon has also worked as an engineer on the ENVOL launch vehicle project with CT Engineering. Having studied at University College London and Arts & Métiers, he is well acquainted with diverse and international environments. Passionate about launch vehicles and promoting the European space program, Simon hopes to spur more development and interest in this vital industry.


Programme Team


Raphaelle BARBIER

Raphaëlle has been working in the Earth Observation (EO) sector for the last five years. She has an interdisciplinary background integrating engineering, as well as Earth and social sciences. She holds a master’s degree in Science and Executive Engineering with a major in Engineering Design and Innovation Management at Mines Paris, PSL University. She also received the PhD degree in management science from Mines Paris, PSL University, in March 2023. 

Within her PhD, she was especially involved in the H2020 EU-funded “e-shape” project, aimed at developing 37 pilot applications based on EO data for various sectors (e.g. agriculture, health, renewable energies, biodiversity, water resources, natural disasters, climate). In this project, she led the work package dedicated to “co-design”, helping EO experts to interact with potential users to identify and build relevant partnerships. 

Beyond the Earth Observation sector, she also has a broad interest for space-related activities. She recently followed courses at the University Center in Svalbard, about near-Earth environment, space weather, as well as space missions and instrumentation. She feels especially concerned about space sustainability and the connection between space activities and the socio-environmental challenges faced on Earth. As member of the programme team, she wishes to help SGAC members provide the space industry with new insights on how to move forward!



Thomas recently started to work as an engineer for SNCF, the French national train company. Before that, he was a research engineer at RMIT in Melbourne and ISAE in Toulouse, working on the optimisation of the environmental impact of launch vehicles. His research includes the life cycle assessment of launchers, the integration of environmental concerns in the launch vehicle design process, and a comparison between different launcher architectures. 

Discovering his passion for space through astronomy in high school, Thomas was involved in related activities and courses during his studies at Ecole polytechnique and then at Supaero. He was president of AstronautiX, the astronomy and aerospace student club, and as such participated in many projects such as IonSat, a 6U CubeSat with electric propulsion, and did internships working on telescope automation at Unistellar, and spaceflight dynamics and collision avoidance at Share My Space and Thalès Alenia Space. 

Despite not having a space-related job anymore, he his still heavily involved in the space community through SGAC events, which he has tried not to miss since SG[France] 2019, participation in astronomy projects and outreach, and Kerbal Space Challenge, an association which organises video game challenges and hackathons based on real space missions and teaches spaceflight dynamics in schools and universities.


Guillaume BRAULT

Guillaume is a final year engineering student of French and Canadian nationalities. He first attended École Centrale de Lyon and now attends Cranfield University in the MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering. With a keen interest in mechanical design and propulsion, he applied himself first to student engineering projects, including Formula Student as technical director of France’s successful EPSA team. He went on to work at Safran Aircraft Engines in a future turbojet development program, and at Rocket Lab in the propulsion development team for the EscaPADE Mars mission.

Guillaume joined the SGAC network through connections made at the International Space University during SSP23, and is participating in SG[France] for the first time. With the wholehearted belief that opening space to everyone will be a key enabler for human improvement, he is currently involved in a technical leadership role at Team Tumbleweed, an international research organization developing the next generation of Mars rovers. At the time of the event, he will be pursuing his MSc thesis in rocket propulsion in partnership with a French launch startup.

In his spare time, he is also an amateur musician, glider pilot and photographer.



Emeric is a young graduate from IPSA, currently working at Constellation Technologies, a really young start-up developing a telecommunication constellation of satellites. A jack of all trades, he likes to discover different aspects of the space engineering world. He did an internship at Airbus Defense & Space where he worked on the electrical architecture of satellites, worked on a satellite equipped with a laser that could clean up the geostationary orbit and even did an internship at La Cité de l’Espace as a scientific animator. His ultimate goal is to work on an exploration mission.

After the Covid pandemic took place, Emeric was feeling really sad because he wasn’t able to see his friends for a long time so he participated at the SG France 2021 in Lille. The event turned out to be really interesting, fun and challenging so he did it again in Strasbourg in 2022. He decided, the following year, to go behind the scenes of this amazing event and joined the organising team as a member of the program team and he loved it.  This year he chose to be part once again of the organising team hoping to help you have a great time too.


Jordan WOMBA

Jordan has worked in the robotics and automotive sectors for major groups such as PSA, Toyota and Renault as a project manager. He also worked as a project engineer for a company selling robotic welding systems. 

Jordan began by studying robotics for 5 years at the UPJV in Amiens and Rennes. He then decided to acquire managerial skills to complete his profile with an MBA from IAE.

With a passion for space, he recently decided to set up his own company, Horizon Space, to help space operators manage their satellites (failure analysis, collision avoidance, health monitoring) using software based on artificial intelligence.

 Sponsors Team



Estelle is a young graduate in Space Systems Engineering from ISAE-SUPAERO and ENSPIMA Bordeaux INP. She has always dreamed (and still does!) of becoming an ESA astronaut. Estelle worked as a Future Projects Systems Engineer Apprentice during her last year of engineering school at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes, on in-orbit servicing missions. She just finished her master’s thesis at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she worked on a contactless concept for active debris removal, called Ion Beam Shepherd. Now, she is looking for a new position in the Clean Space domain. 

Estelle is mainly interested in sustainability in space, and she would like to pursue research in the fields of ecodesign and life-cycle assessment, and focus on the environmental and social impacts of space solutions.

Last year, Estelle was already part of the Sponsors team at Seb’s side and she liked it so much she decided to join the experience again in 2024. She is very happy to be back, and will make sure to find the best sponsors for the event!

Sébastien LEBEGUE

Sébastien is a graduate from the IPSA (Aerospace Engineering) specializing in Autonomous Aeronautical Systems. Sébastien is passionate about space but mainly about space exploration. He enjoys expanding his knowledge on space exploration and applications by participating in student challenges such as the Student Aerospace Challenge and the IASC Asteroid Search Campaign. Always eager to learn more about the space industry, he set his mind on joining the organizing team of SG[France]23. Currently, he is a Junior Systems Design and Safety engineer at Yuri in Luxembourg.

Sébastien discovered and joined SGAC with SG[France]22 in Strasbourg. Shortly after, he joined the Space Exploration Project Group (SEPG) to work closely with members passionate about advocating the growing role of the new generation of space professionals in the field of Space Exploration.

After participating in the Sponsorship Team alongside Estelle for the SG[France]23, he gladly decided to continue the experience for the 2024 edition.

Anne-Pauline ROLLIN

Anne-Pauline is currently Account Management Practice Specialist for Thales Group in Meudon, France. She provides guidance & support to the group’s Strategic & Key Account Managers, covering the width of the Thales civil & defence portfolio in equipments and systems – from the bottom of the ocean to the depths of space.

She started in the group in 2020 as a Competitive & Market Intelligence intern, then was stationed in Stockholm, Sweden, for two years as Sales & Marketing Strategy support.

During this period she had the opportunity to be involved in a working group of the INTEGRAL program, a European Commission program focusing on Space Situational Awareness and early warning capabilities. She was also able to attend space events in Kiruna, at a time when the satellite launching capabilities of the Esrange base were being inaugurated.

She holds a IRIS SUP’ Master’s Degree in Geopolitics and Future Studies for which she wrote a thesis on the subject of innovation in the Indian space industry, and produced a consequent team work entitled “India in 2050”, exploring various scenarios the country could experience in the next 30 years.

She is part of the Sponsorship team for the SG[France] 2024 event and is looking forward to connect with more space enthusiasts & experts. She aspires to lift the team’s spirits up through valuable inputs – and a little banter.


SGAC National Points of Contact for France


Tania GRES

Tania is a young space system engineer working in Thales Alenia Space in Turin (Italy) on station modules and scientific missions to Low Earth Orbit. She graduated from IPSA Toulouse in 2020 and did a specialised master in space exploration systems in Politecnico di Torino (Italy). 

Born in Germany and raised in France, from a family of artists and engineers, today she fulfils her dreams of working in the European space industry. As an engineer by day, and as a SGAC volunteer at night. Within the association, she is the leader of the DIVINAS long term project of the Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group. She is also one of the 2 French National Point of Contact along with Clara, and took part in many events of the association, as an organiser and a delegate: She was part of the logistics team for the SGC 2022 in Paris. She was the SG[France]2021 event manager and she also organised the first Model UN of SGAC in collaboration with the European Center for Space Law. Constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities, she’s a very motivated, enthusiastic and quick learner who enjoys space related projects, especially working as a team.



Clara is a French engineer in applied mathematics from INSA Rouen and space systems engineering from ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse in France. She did several internships in the space industry, including CNES and ESA during 6 months. She’s now living in Toulouse where she’s working at MEDES (Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology) to support ISS experiments in physiology as part of the Flight Control Team.

Within SGAC, Clara is a member of the Gender and Diversity Project Group, leading the PADAWANS long-term project which aims at organising workshops in school for children, involving their parents, to raise awareness about diversity in the space sector. She’s also one of the two National Points of Contact for France. Previously, she was part of the SG[France]2020 organising team and the SGC Delegates Team members in 2022.

Apart from work, Clara loves spending her time with friends and family, travelling abroad to discover new culture and new people but also travelling in her nearby region. Sometimes wonderful places are just in front of your eyes.


Thrilled to meet you all very soon!