[SGx2022] SGAC 4 STE(A)M Photography Grant

Are you a professional space enthusiastic photographer or a passionate hobby photographer? Yes? Then this scholarship is for you!

SGAC is looking for an Event Photographer to capture the activities during SGx2022. The successful applicant will be able to attend the SGx2022 in Washington DC, USA. 

Application Deadline:  February 4, 2022 Extended to Sunday, February 12, 2022.


In partnership with the Future Space Leaders Foundation and SATELLITE 2022 Conference, the Space Generation Advisory Council will host its seventh SGx (SGx2022) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC on March 21st, 2022. 

Styled in the TEDx format, SGx is a high-impact day of expert “lightning talks” and networking opportunities designed to create an environment where young professionals, industry experts, and government leaders can gather to share their insights and experiences with each other. This year’s SGx will feature a lineup of several speakers in thematic speaking sessions (science/tech, government/policy, culture, and human spaceflight), an evening reception, and a networking/job fair. 

Purpose/Goal of this Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to offer the opportunity for a space-passionate (hobby) photographer to attend and participate at SGx2022, while  capturing photography and videography of the event. SGAC is committed to capturing, recording, and showcasing the proceedings of its global events, to support future outreach activities. This is an excellent opportunity for a photographer to participate in a high-value space event, network with industry peers, continue developing their portfolio of work, while supporting SGAC’s vision and mission. 


The applicants have to have their own photographer equipment and a portfolio with at least 10 pictures from events. Pictures from another SGAC event can be found here as an example: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegeneration/sets/72157711557909287/


The award is a maximum amount of USD 1,500 as partial refund of expenses incurred to attend SGx (round trip travel via airfare, accommodations, visa costs, and the event registration fees according to the reimbursement policy). 

How to Apply

To apply, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Your CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • Your portfolio
  • Short Essay (Max 300 words) on “How you plan to enhance the visibility of the event through your work”

All submissions must be made by using the Scholarship Submission form.

Please submit your documents as unlocked PDF files and a link to your portfolio. Your name should be included at the top of all pages.

Your submission should follow the competition guidelines below.


  1. Participants must be eligible SGAC members (registered on the SGAC website) between the ages of 18 and 35 years as of the 21st of March, 2022.
  2. Participants must be amateur or professional photographers with good quality photography and editing skills.
  3. Participants must be able to travel with their photography equipment.
  4. Participants must not have received this scholarship before.
  5. Competition judges and organisers are ineligible for the award.
  6. Winners should not receive support from any other source to the event. Should the winners receive such support midway through the program, SGAC shall be informed and a solution will be sought.

In the interest of spreading opportunities to more members, SGAC reserves the right to prioritise applicants who have not recently received another SGAC scholarship of a similar nature. “Recently” is defined as having received a travel grant in the past 2 years, in the same category (either international or regional/national) as this posted award. International awards include scholarships for international events such as SGx, SGC/IAC, SGFF and Space Symposium, while regional/national awards refer to events, such as the Space Generation Workshops (SGW), national space generation events (SG[country]) or other regional or national conferences. In the event that the SGx2022 is forced to be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this scholarship will not be counted as an international travel grant, and winners are eligible to apply for another travel grant in the next 2 years.

It is strongly requested that applicants only apply if they are certain they can attend the SGx in person and be in the United States at the time of the event.


  1. The language of all submissions must be English.
  2. All submissions must be made by 4 February 2022, 12 February 2022 (EXTENDED) at 23:59 GMT. Any submissions after the deadline will not be considered.

Responsibilities of the Winners

The winner shall:

  • Travel with their own photography equipment.
  • Attend the entire SGx 2022.
  • Support the running of SGx 2022 by:
    • Providing the following works (hereinafter “the works”):
      • Taking pictures of all speakers and sessions during the event;
      • Shooting an event video to be edited and delivered after the event.
  • Coordinating daily with SGx & Global SGAC PR&Comms Teams to release highlight pictures of the day.
  • Providing the works by August 30th 2022.
  • All responsibilities shall be fulfilled and submitted not later than August 30th 2022. In case the scholarship awardee(s) do(es) not complete the scholarship requirements on time, the scholarship funds will be transferred to SGAC general budget to continue supporting the mission and work of SGAC.  

All responsibilities shall be fulfilled no later than August 30th 2022.


  1. The award will be paid out after the SGx 2022, no later than 30 days after fulfilment of all responsibilities listed above.
  2. The scholarship award reimbursement is conditioned on the awardee fulfilling the scholarship requirements not later than August 30th 2022.
  3. In case the winner receives funding for SGx by any other organisation, the Scholarships Coordinators shall be informed. If the applicants don’t inform the Scholarships Coordinators, SGAC holds the right to not reimburse the winning author. SGAC aims to reduce the number of double scholarships and will work with the winners to develop a solution in these cases.
  4. Applicants are advised to not engage in any expenses until they have formal confirmation that the competition has been awarded. The SGAC is not liable for any expenses incurred by applicants in any case where competition is not awarded, or in excess of the value of the awarded grant.
  5. Reimbursements will follow the SGAC Scholarships Travel Policy and Reimbursement Guidelines. Please make sure to consult the Guidelines before incurring expenses.


The Photographer shall remain the owner of its works and all related Intellectual Property Rights. It is expressly agreed between the Parties that no title or ownership with regard to the photographer works and all related Intellectual Property Rights and Know-how shall be transferred to the other Party as a result of the present document.

The Photographer shall grant to the SGAC a free of charge, non-exclusive, non-transferable license and worldwide license over the work. This license shall consist of the right to use, reproduce and copy the work owned by the Photographer, for the duration of its corresponding Intellectual Property Right protection.

For the purpose of this section “Intellectual Property Rights” shall mean are any and all intellectual property rights, including all of the following and all rights in, arising out of, or associated therewith: 

  1. procedures, designs, inventions, discoveries, and all Patents issued or issuable thereon; 
  2. works of authorship, copyrights and other rights in works of authorship; 
  3. mask work rights, but excluding trademarks, trade names, or other forms of corporate or product identification.


  1. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that SGx2022 is cancelled. SGAC will not reimburse the winning author, even if he/she has already incurred expenses.
  2. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner fails to attend SGx2022 or is unable to under extenuating circumstances; in that case, the award offer shall become void.
  3. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner cannot obtain any necessary travel documents; if they are required but not obtained, the award offer shall become void.
  4. The award is not transferable to another event or individual.


Applications will be evaluated by a panel composed of the SGx Managers and a representative from the SGAC Scholarships Team. The evaluation will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Portfolio (50%)
  • Applicant’s CV and past experiences (30%)
  • Essay (20%)

We look forward to your contribution and thank you for taking part in this space endeavour!


Entries accepted:

14 January 2022

Submission Deadline:

4 February 2022 Extended until 12 February 2022

Application evaluation

4-11 February 2022 12-19 February 2022

Announcement of Results:

11 February 2022 19 February 2022


March 21, 2022

SATELLITE Conference:

March 21-24, 2022


For any questions, please refer to SGAC Scholarships Team ([email protected]).