SpaceGen United – Our Giant Leap Artwork Showcase

SpaceGen United and Our Giant Leap have partnered up for an artwork competition on the theme “Women in the aerospace sector”.

Five winners have been selected for their contributions, reflecting on gender equality and diversity, expressed under the sustainable development goal number 5. 

The five winners will presented their artwork on Wednesday 22 July, during a Live Artwork Showcase on YouTube, at 2pm CEST. Join us in congratulating these Space Artists!



Meet the artists and their artwork

Amrutha Kumar (India)

Amrutha Kumar is a graduate of Aerospace Engineering from Jain (Deemed-to-be University). She has worked on a team project titled, ‘Tubercles Effect on a Wing Performance for NACA 634-421 aerofoil”, which is a recipient of the prestigious Innovative Students Project Award 2019 by INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering) and is a paper published in the International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications (IJSEA).
Art, she says is a means of comfort, disconnecting from the worries and stresses of the outside world. She is a trained dancer (Indian Classical-Bharatanatyam) and an occasional painter.
She has known SGAC since 2017 when she attended the 4th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop (APSGW) and was thrilled to be able to meet and interact with some amazing people from around the globe and is looking forward to be part of many more such events.

When informed about the competition’s result, Amrutha said:
With this opportunity, I’m looking forward to learn and to be inspired from people around the world. I would like to thank the team of SGAC SG[France]: Our Giant Leap for giving me this platform and for promoting such a great cause“.

Niki is a space engineer and space lover! She received her Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and persued her education in space engineering for MSc and PhD. Space has always been playing a key role in her life and it is the most inspiring place for her! Working on international satellite projects and interacting with different people, who are all in love with space, let her believe that borders on this little planet are imaginary! “We are all the same, with tiny differences! :)”

When informed about the competition’s result, Niki said:
I’m super excited and incredibly honoured to be a winner of this competition! 😀
Words can not express my feeling and I’m literally speechless! But as a woman in aerospace sector, this event motivates me a lot to work harder and harder

Jenny Asencio is from Leticia, Amazons, Colombia. She has a Ph.D. in Space’s engineering and technology, specialized in space’s combustion and propulsion at the National Institute for Space Research – INPE, Brazil, where she works currently as an engineer. She is an Aeronautical engineer formed in Colombia as well. She is very interested in science communication, this is the reason for She is a volunteer in the organization committee of the CubeDesign event, a Latin American competition of small satellites, and organizes the CubeDesign Podcast too. She loves drawing, painting, and pets.

When informed about the competition’s result, Jenny said:
I’m very grateful and honored to be awarded as one of the five winners of the joint SGU-OGL artwork competition. My participation in the SGU-OGL is a great opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas about science communications, and to honor my artistic work. Thank you for the opportunity, SGAC.

Aelyn Chong Castro is a mechatronics engineer born in Mexico. Her parents come from different backgrounds, and she proudly embraces her mixed heritage.
From a young age, Aelyn has expressed interest in engineering, space, and art. Hence, this led her to pursue a career that englobes these fields.
Aelyn obtained her bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering, focused mainly on robotics. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Space Studies at the International Space University in France. Here, she has been part of an outreach program, creating educational children’s books to teach kids about space.
Throughout her life, Aelyn has experienced the struggles of being a woman and the challenges associated with being a minority while pursuing her dreams. She wants to help and motivate the new generations to follow their dream no matter the circumstances. Aelyn truly believes education is the milestone of our society, and she is fully committed to promoting STEM and Space in Mexico.

When informed about the competition’s result, Aelyn said:
Oh great! My drawing made it, that’s awesome!! I wish I had the time to color it.

Silvia Adriana Hulshof (The Netherlands)

Silvia is a planet protector at heart and adventurous creator from the bluish planet Terra of the Milky Way. While still studying photography at university she tries to experiment in her free time, developing new creative techniques to tell her story. If not attending school, you may find her trying to restore peace and balance in her role as Guardian of the Galaxy. Her duties include saving planets and baking space brownies for the occasional Girls Night Out, a true treat. All in all, she cares for other planets and life forms, which she never cease to capture through her work.

When informed about the competition’s result, Silvia said:
Am I reading this right ? Am I reading this right ? Seriously, am I reading this right ? That’s awesome!