Youth4Climate 2021

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, in collaboration with the Space Generation Advisory Council, is launching the 2021 edition of the Space4Youth Competition! Are you passionate about space and climate? Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Young people play a key role. UNOOSA and SGAC want to give a voice to and promote youth's ideas on how space can foster climate adaptation and mitigation.

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Top 10 space law, policy and science news of 2020

1. Signing of the Artemis Accords Credit: NASAtv In 2020, NASA announced the multilateral agreements draft for international Lunar cooperation  within the Artemis Program framework. The first eight countries (Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, UAE, UK) formally signed the Artemis Accords during the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in October 2020, with Ukraine and Brazil joining before 2021. This [...]

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Pioneer Award: Tania Robles

Tania Robles is a Mechanical Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She is co-founder and former director of the Aerospace Association of the Engineering School at UNAM. National Point of Contact of SGAC in Mexico from 2016 to 2019, and current Regional Coordinator of the  NCAC region.

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Member of the month for December 2020: Antonio Scannapieco

Continuing the amazing efforts SGAC members and various online events organizing teams have provided the network with, for December 2020, we are pleased to announce and congratulate Antonio Scannapieco, SGAC NPoC of Italy, as Member of the Month!

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“Zoom is our best friend now” and other 2020 tales from the Events Coordination Team

Alongside its Global Events and the various organizing teams, SGAC has a top-notch Events Coordination team that supports the organization of more than 30 events every year. How did the team fare in this weird 2020?

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SGAC welcomes the newly recruited members from November!

SGAC welcomes new team members! SGAC is proud to announce the following appointments to our team after the latest round of vacancy applications. Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF) 2021 Manager - Kristin Shahady Asia Pacific Regional Communication Manager - Sathesh Raj African Regional Communications Manager - Mohamed Ramzi Aouimeur  HR Co Coordinator - Abraham Akinwale  HR Team Member [...]

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Member of the month for November 2020: SGAC Team for The Mars Society’ City Design Competition

Continuing the amazing efforts various online events organizing teams have provided the network with, for November 2020, we are pleased to announce and congratulate The SGAC Team for The Mars Society’ City Design Competition - as Member of the Month!

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Tanya Scalia Project Manager - Innovation & Technology Transfer Unit at the Italian Space Agency Aerospace Engineering MSc and PhD in Space Technologies. I joined FiatAvio in 2002 (AVIO from 2003), worldwide leader in the aerospace industry, as Project Engineer in the Space Propulsion Design Unit, where I mainly worked on Ariane 5 and Vega solid rocket motors [...]

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