The Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group is very happy to announce the publication of the second episode of the Our Giant Leap Podcast!

The second episode, titled “Changing Orbits: How to Enter Space from a Different Domain” features an interview with Laura Yvonne Zielinski, an associate at Holland & Knight in Mexico City and the founder of the Space Arbitration Association, that has the objective of creating room for exchange between the international arbitration and space communities.


In this episode, we discussed how to enter the space domain coming from a different one, specifically the legal domain. We introduced our guest, Laura Yvonne Zielinski, talked about her career and how she got into Space Arbitration (What is it exactly? Why are space related disputes resolved by arbitration? Is space law well established ?). We also discussed about the Space Arbitration Association, that she founded in Mexico and how you can join. We also had the pleasure of having another Laura (Laura Luhmann) presenting us the fun fact segment, where we learned about May Jemison, the first afro-american astronaut!  Finally, we chatted with our guest about diversity in the space industry and what we can do to make things better.


Created within the scope of the Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group, the primary goal of the Our Giant Leap Podcast is to educate and raise awareness on the topic of gender equality and diversity in the space industry. The Our Giant Leap podcast also aims at bringing visibility to professionals from the space sector, by letting them become potential future role models for the audience. We hope you will find here advice and tools to implement in your everyday life and workplace!

Many other episodes will follow up, stay tuned!

For any ideas or suggestions, feel free to reach out to the Our Giant Leap team.