The Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group is very happy to announce the publication of the third episode of the Our Giant Leap Podcast!

The third episode, titled “Igniting Innovation: How Entrepreneurs are Changing the Space Domain” features an interview with Irene Selvanathan, CEO and Founder of NEUROSPACE, a NewSpace company which develops space technology enhanced by the capabilities of machine learning applications.


In the episode, we discussed innovation and entrepreneurship in the Space Domain, particularly in the NewSpace. We introduced our guest, Irene Selvanathan, talked about her career and how she founded NEUROSPACE: What was her motivation in creating her own company? What are they developing in the Newspace Industry? Irene also provided a couple of advices for people who would like to enter the aerospace industry as well as the key points of her studies. We also discussed management and how to build a skill set for entrepreneurship.

To continue on the topic of women in the space sector, Jaclyn made us laugh about a funny story related to Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space! Finally, we chatted with Irene about diversity in the space sector and what we can do to always continue having more inclusivity in the industry.


Created within the scope of the Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group, the primary goal of the Our Giant Leap Podcast is to educate and raise awareness on the topic of gender equality and diversity in the space industry. The Our Giant Leap podcast also aims at bringing visibility to professionals from the space sector, by letting them become potential future role models for the audience. We hope you will find here advice and tools to implement in your everyday life and workplace!

Many other episodes will follow up, stay tuned!

For any ideas or suggestions, feel free to reach out to the Our Giant Leap team.