Space Generation Congress Working Groups

The following is a list of Working Group topics that will be the focus of SGC2020. Additional detail will be added once it is available so check back regularly for more information. 


Working Group 1: Space Exploration


Sponsored by: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Advanced Exploration Systems (NASA AES)

Working Group 2: Space Exploration Benefits for Earth-based Industry


Sponsored by: Lockheed Martin Space

Working Group 3: Space Policy and SDGs

Sponsored by: Secure World Foundation


Working Group 4: Life on Land Hackathon


Sponsored by: European Space Agency


Working Group 5: Space Infrastructure / Applications / Technologies


Sponsored by: United Arab Emirates Space Agency


Working Group 6: Planetary Defence – Safeguarding Earth

Sponsored by: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Planetary Defense Coordination Office (NASA PDCO)


Working Group 7: Special Track: Gender Equality and Diversity in Space

Supported by: Space Generation Advisory Council