Polytechnic University of Bari


During the year, Polytechnic University of Bari is the venue for numerous conferences and events, of educational and institutional nature. The organisation is facilitated by the great availability of equipped facilities and large spaces, both indoors and outdoors, and also by the agreement with a well-known catering company which has recently opened a bar on campus. During the Covid emergency- to allow in-person graduation sessions- a stage was installed in the centre of the entrance hall which is now being used also for conferences. Most of the structures, classrooms, halls and departments are located inside the campus “Ernesto Quagliariello” in Bari. It is shared with the University of Bari (only for scientific subjects), and it is located in Orabona street. Nearby via Amendola are the rector’s office and the administrative offices for enrollment and similar inquiries.

Polytechnic University of Bari (PoliBa) is an Italian public university founded in 1990, which offers to about 11.000 students a wide range of study opportunities, consisting of multiple First and Second Level Degree courses, along with many Postgraduate courses and Ph.D. ‘s. Resembling its Dantesque motto: “De’ remi facemmo ali” (“we turned our oars to wings”, Inferno, XXVI, Divine Comedy), the research and teaching activities at PoliBa are increasingly focusing on aeronautics and aerospace topics.

Useful information:

Please note that entrance is only allowed on foot


Italy is one of the leading space powers in Europe, the third country by ESA contributions and a member of UN-COPUOS since the first General Assembly in 1958. More recently, Italy has been at the forefront of space activities and international co-operation, being one of the first states to sign the Artemis Accords in addition to showing significant commitment to private ventures.

Italy has a vast industrial presence: a competitive space industry with solid and long lasting capabilities and a vibrant community of small and medium companies, including start-ups and spin-outs with outstanding performances and excellent growth potential.


Bari is a city in southern Italy and the capital of the Apulia Region on the Adriatic Sea. The city has two main universities, the Polytechnic University of Bari and the Università degli Studi de Bari “Aldo Moro”. Officially known as the Karol Wojtyla Airport, Bari Airport is one of the major hubs of Southern Italy with easy connections to all the major European cities.

The Apulia Region sees space as a sector of strategic importance. The regional employment rate is much higher than the Italian average and the region is one of the main members of Nereus, the European network of regions using space technologies. The region is home for several space companies working in a range of areas, including both upstream and downstream applications. In 2018, the Italian Ministry of Transport identified Grottaglie Airport as Italy’s Spaceport.

Travelling around Bari

From Bari airport to the city centre is a 30-40 minute journey by public transport:

  • Metro (not available after midnight)
  • Bus (Line 16 AMTAB, stop is Central Station, piazza Aldo Moro. Not available after midnight)
  • Taxi (about 25€ to get to the city centre)

Types of tickets:

  • Ticket valid for one ride: €1.00
  • Ticket purchased on board, valid for 75 minutes: 1,50€
  • 90-minute ticket: 1,20€
  • Day Ticket: 2,50€
  • Carnet of 10 tickets: 9,00€

For more information about Bari’s public transport service access: https://www.amtab.it/en/