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Munich is the culturally rich capital of Germany’s southern state Bavaria. Munich hosts not only some of the most renowned universities and research institutions in the country but also an established Space community and a budding NewSpace scene. 


Germany is one of the powerhouses of the European space industry. On the commercial side, Germany hosts not only some of Europe’s largest established space players, such as Airbus Defence & Space or OHB, but also an exciting NewSpace scene, with companies in all space sectors, from upstream applications like launchers all the way to downstream applications of Earth observation. On the institutional side, Germany is one of ESA’s largest contributors, and has an active Aerospace centre of its own.


The hosting venue: University of the Bundeswehr Munich, Germany

The University of the Bundeswehr Munich, or UniBw München, is one of two research universities of the German Armed Forces. With around 3,500 students, they offer a wide range of courses in disciplines such as Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics but also Psychology. In research, the university is particularly well established in the field of Space Engineering, previously participating for example in the Galileo program. You will undoubtedly feel the heritage of the German Space industry while you walk through these corridors.

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Fliegerhorststraße 1, 85579 Neubiberg

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