One of the ways in which SGAC empowers its young professional and student members is by facilitating access to the world’s major space conferences. SGAC is delighted to announce that this year the Global Grants Programme will bring five outstanding SGAC members to Colorado Springs to participate in the 12th Space Generation Fusion Forum (ِApril 5-8, 2024) and the 39th Space Symposium (April 8-11, 2024) in Colorado Springs, USA.

We would like to emphasise that this year we received a large volume of high quality applications, and that the selection process was difficult to narrow down to only five candidates. We are honoured by the opportunity to recognise the work of our volunteer members to further SGAC’s efforts.

Nadir Atayev (Azerbaijan)

Nadir Atayev is a young and enthusiastic Hardware Research Engineer and Scientist from Azerbaijan, currently working in the Research and Development department at the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azercosmos). He actively contributes to the design of small satellites in the country, playing a key role in advancing Azerbaijan’s space exploration efforts. Nadir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Telecommunication, and Radiotechnical Engineering, a Master’s in Multichannel Telecommunication Systems, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Telecommunication technologies from Azerbaijan Technical University.
Recognized for his achievements, Nadir has been selected for various technical competitions and has actively contributed to the development of theses and articles in electronics, telecommunications, and space equipment. His diverse expertise makes him a valuable asset to both local and global space initiatives. Notably, Nadir is engaged in promoting global collaboration among young space enthusiasts as the National Point of Contact (NPOC) for Azerbaijan in the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).
Beyond his technical contributions, Nadir is dedicated to youth advocacy and serves as a teacher and mentor, playing a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of engineers. His commitment to fostering international cooperation and knowledge exchange within the space community is evident through his active involvement in SGAC which multifaceted expertise and dedication makes him a significant contributor to the global space community.

” I am deeply honored and excited to have been selected for the SGFF2024 Global Grant Award. This opportunity strengthens my commitment to advancing space exploration, fostering collaboration, and inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts not only in Azerbaijan but beyond. I eagerly anticipate reconnecting with the SGAC community and contributing to our shared vision of a global space future!”

Hoda Awny El-Megharbel (Egypt)

Hoda Awny El-Megharbel is an engineer in the Satellite Communication and Navigation Department in the Egyptian Space Agency. She graduated from Kyushu Institute of Technology / Laboratory of Lean Satellite Enterprises and In- Orbit Experiments (LaSEINE) with a Masters Degree as part of the United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) in 2020. She has a bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Misr International University, Egypt. She is currently Space Generation Advisory Council National Point of Contact in Egypt, Middle East Region and Moon Village Association National Coordinator, Egypt, North Africa.

“I am truly honoured to be awarded the Space Generation Global grant. It has been an incredible privilege to be a part of this inspiring community. I am grateful to SGAC for supporting space enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.

Laura González Llamazares (Spain)

Laura Gonzalez is co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Radian Systems, aiming to simplify thermal analysis for space. With a rich background in space missions, Laura has worked as a systems engineer and contributed to assembly, integration, and testing activities for ESA science missions at INTA. As Space Manufacturing Lead at Satellite Applications Catapult, she contributed to supporting space organizations in developing their technologies through advanced manufacturing techniques. She has accumulated a decade of experience in additive manufacturing, ranging from building her own FDM 3D printer to leading the development of metal powder bed fusion capabilities for manufacturing rocket engines used in space propulsion.
Laura holds a B.A. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of León (Spain), with a year of study at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She holds a M. S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid, and she has further enriched her expertise through an Executive MBA from EAE Business School. She joined SGAC in 2019, supporting the first SG[Spain], and since then she has been involved in supporting and managing events at a regional (ESGW) and local level. She led the Global Satellite Tracking initiative, distributing ground stations to download satellite imagery around the world, and she is now the SGAC NPoC for Spain.


“I am thrilled and deeply honored to receive the Space Generation Global Grant. Being part of SGAC’s community is being incredible experience, volunteering alongside inspiring and passionate young professionals, contributing towards several initiatives, and cultivating invaluable friendships on a global scale. Thank you!”

Ariann Duncan  (Trinidad and Tobago)

Ariann is a director of an ICT company focused on providing Digital Transformation solutions to clients across diverse industries. She has a multidisciplinary background in aerospace, technology, media, and business.
Ariann holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has completed additional workshops and training in the Space industry including completing the Space Resources Professional Course through the Colorado School of Mines, the International Space University (ISU) and the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA).
At SGAC, Ariann previously served as a member of the communications team for the Space Generation Fusion Forum and as a National Point of Contact for Trinidad and Tobago. She has worked on several capacity building and space education initiatives for the Caribbean and Central America.

“I am deeply humbled and honored to receive the 2024 SGAC Global Grants award. It has been an incredible opportunity and experience working with the SGAC community over the past years. I am looking forward to attending SGFF, and continuing to work on impactful projects for the Space sector.

 Asmamaw Esayas (Ethiopia)

Asmamaw Esayas is an aspiring engineer passionate about space technology and diplomacy. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Space Engineering at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU). He is a visionary leader who founded the AHAMENES Space Science and Technology Club at AASTU. Through this initiative, Asmamaw fostered collaboration among diverse departments, leading projects ranging from solid propellant rocket engines to CubeSats. Going beyond his club duties, Asmamaw volunteers at the Ethiopian Space Science Society, where he actively contributes to the advancement of space science and technology within his community and country. He joined SGAC in 2019 as a delegate for the 3rd African Space Generation Workshop held in Ethiopia. Since then, he has become an active member of SGAC. Currently, Asmamaw is Serving as the SGAC National Point of Contact for Ethiopia. Through this role, he has been serving as a bridge to connect space enthusiast university students and young professionals, with the broader global space community. Also, he has been working alongside international peers to the success of the SGAC Small Satellite Project Group. Asmamaw’s notable achievements include securing victory in the esteemed 2023 Space for Africa competition, hosted by the African Space Leadership Institute. This impressive feat afforded him the privilege to represent his country at the 7th African Space Generation Workshop, held in Harare, Zimbabwe.


“I am deeply honored to have been chosen as a winner of the 2024 Global Grants. Serving SGAC has been an extraordinary privilege, and I am grateful to be part of a vibrant global community committed to SGAC’s mission. This opportunity not only allows me to expand my network but also enables me to represent my country and fellow Africans at international events with pride and commitment.