SGAC is looking for a Deputy Manager for the Space Generation Fusion Forum 2023

The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is beginning preparations for the 2023 11th Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF) to be held in Colorado Springs, CO - USA on April 15-17. The organization is seeking a professionally qualified young space leader to join the SGAC as the SGFF 2023 Deputy Manager.

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Announcement of the 2022 Global Grants Winners

The Global Grants Programme will bring six outstanding SGAC members to Colorado Springs to participate in the 10th Space Generation Fusion Forum (ِMarch 19, April 1–4, 2022) and the 37th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, USA.

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SGAC Announces the Winner of the SEDS 2022 SGFF Scholarship

SGAC is pleased to announce Sindhu Belki as the winner of the 2022 SEDS SGFF Scholarship. This year SGAC partnered with SEDS to bring one delegate to attend the 10th Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF), in Colorado Springs during April 1st-4th 2022.

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SGFF 2022 Sponsors The Space Generation Fusion Forum 2022 would not be possible without the generous support from our wonderful sponsors and partners. On behalf of SGAC, thank you for your support!  Event Host Sponsors     [...]

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Considering How We Communicate Space: Takeaways from a SGFF Working Group

The “story of space” is important. For all of the incredible discoveries made through space exploration and all of the ways that space supports our life on Earth, its value needs to be regularly communicated. People need to understand how and, more importantly, why we invest in our cosmic activities. Without support for space, our future use of it will be marginal and limited.

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— Meet the SGFF Organizing Team

Space Generation Fusion Forum 2022 Organizing Team SGFF is managed and organized by a dedicated team of SGAC volunteers. Volunteering for SGFF is a unique and valuable opportunity to get involved in SGAC, and to contribute to the success of the event. Opportunities to volunteer for next year’s SGFF, along with other SGAC positions, may be found on the [...]

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— Global Grant Programme

Global Grants Programme The Global Grants Programme facilitates the attendance of delegates who can bring unique and insightful firsthand perspectives to the Space Generation Fusion Forum. This is accomplished through awarding grants to selected applicants that will provide support to attend SGFF and the Space Symposium, held in Colorado Springs, U.S.A. The winners will receive an award to attend [...]

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