SGAC is looking for motivated and committed volunteers to bring their expertise and knowledge to the organization of the 1st edition of the SG (Nigeria) which will take place in Abuja, Nigeria in September of 2023.

The one-day workshop will bring together students, young professionals and industry representatives to engage and nurture the next generation’s perspective on space and scientific matters in the Nigerian region. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with experts from academia, businesses and space agencies through plenary and panel sessions, keynotes and working group discussions.

For the planning of this event, we are looking for qualified and young experts  to join the organizing team.

Deadline for Applications: 5 June 2023.

Role Descriptions

Program Team (2 positions)

The program team will be in charge of the creation and organization of the workshop’s programme.


  • Developing and preparing the program and the topics for the event
  • Selecting moderators, speakers and coordinating with them for invitations
  • Coordinating a cloud-based collaboration among team members
  • Writing related reports and documents

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours a week on average

PR & Communications Team (3 positions)

This team will support public relations and advertising activities pertaining to the Workshop, working closely with the SGAC Public Relations (PR) and Communication Team and the Event Manager.


  • Writing press releases
  • Coordinating media relations and advertising before, during and after the event
  • Coordinating social media communication
  • Create and edit graphic designs for the event
  • Create and edit promotional videos for the event
  • Coordinating with the Organizing Team and other organizations on promotion
  • Developing brochures and potential sponsorship packages for the workshop
  • Good English, verbal and written communication skills

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours a week on average

Delegate Team (2 positions)

This team will support Delegate related processes throughout the workshop including application, selection, communication before and after the Workshop.


  • Coordinating all contacts with delegates, pre and post-selection
  • Supporting the selection of delegates
  • Being the point of contact for delegates on issues/questions
  • Creating a Delegates’ Database

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours a week on average

Logistics Team (3 positions)

This team will support the organization of the logistics aspects of the Workshop: Event Venue, Gathering, Social Event Program, Closing Dinner, etc.


  • Liaising with responsible persons for room booking and set-up for the Workshop
  • Organizing the gathering for the days of the Workshop
  • Organizing the social events (dinners, closing dinner, visits, …)
  • Finding hotels and travel information for the guest speakers
  • Elaborating estimated budgets for different organizational phases of the workshop

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours a week on average

Local Organising Committee (LoC) (4 positions)

The LoC will consist of several local volunteers (from Nigeria, in Abuja specifically). Members of the team will support the programme, delegate operations and logistical arrangements for the event.


  • Utilize local know-how and language in supporting the overarching team
  • Interact with local supporters and partners for involvement in the programme (seek local sponsors and delegates)
  • Assisting with the local venue organization and cultural information/functions (dinners, visits, …) for the Delegate Handbook
  • Work closely with the Communications Team for the promotion of the Workshop
  • Supporting with potential accommodation options

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours a week on average

Financial Manager (1 position)

This position will create the overall budget for the event and support the Program Team, Communication Team, and the Logistics Team in terms of financial management with the Event Manager.


  • Establishing a detailed budget plan for the overall event
  • Estimating budgets for different organizational phases of the workshop
  • Submitting the finalized budget to NPoCs and the RCs latest one month after the event 

Estimated time commitment: 2-4 hours a week on average

Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC membership: registration on the SGAC website and below 35 years of age
  • Interest in the space and science sector
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, quick turnaround international environment and meet deadlines without compromising the quality of work
  • Good English skills with a keen eye for details
  • Good teamwork skills and a high degree of self-organization
  • Cross cultural and communication awareness: ability to establish and maintain professional working relationships with people from various international and cultural backgrounds


  • Develop highly desirable leadership skills
  • Opportunity to work with SGAC’s global sponsors and international space partners
  • Direct contact with the SGAC Executive Office and Advisory Board
  • Invitation to attend the UNCOPUOS Meetings in Vienna
  • Nomination and increased chances of winning the SGAC Young Leaders Award and other SGAC sponsored scholarship opportunities
  • Opportunity to receive discounts to attend SGAC events as SGAC team member
  • Successful applicants will also have the opportunity to enhance their management and team work skills through working with an international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural team
  • Exempted from paying the delegate fee required to attend SG Nigeria 

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please complete our Vacancy Application Form by 5 June 2023 with the following documents as attachments: 

  • A Letter of Intent (maximum 1 page) 
  • Your CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • List of three past experiences and how they have prepared you for this role (maximum 1 page) 

For more information please contact the Event Manager: Nelly-Helen Ebruka ([email protected]) and the Event Advisor:([email protected]) before 5 June 2023 (23:59 UTC).

Only complete applications will be considered.

Application Timeline

Applications Open: Now
Applications Close: 5 June 2023


Review of applications will be done mid June. 

The outcome of the application will be communicated at the end of June/beginning of July.