SGAC, as a nonprofit and volunteer-based organisation, is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment that encourages and empowers each individual volunteer to perform at his or her best.

Harassment, therefore, has no place at SGAC. This prohibition applies to harassment by any volunteer or paid staff at SGAC.

The SGAC’s Anti-Harassment Procedures are designed to:

  1. preventing harassing conduct before it becomes severe or pervasive
  2. conducting a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation into allegations of harassing conduct
  3. taking immediate and appropriate measures when SGAC determines that harassing conduct has occurred.


SGAC Anti-Harassment Compliance Training:

This Anti-Harassment compliance training course will  SGAC members and volunteer to recognize situations that may involve harassment or discrimination and identify what to do when they experience or witness these situations at SGAC. 

“At SGAC, we believe that diversity is our biggest strength. Our members come from all over the globe bringing with them a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, experiences, skills, perspectives and dreams, that overall make SGAC a true space family. The SGAC Harassment Policy is conceived to promote diversity and maintain a respectful, inclusive, supportive, safe and collaborative environment for all our members”

Arnau Pons, Co-Chair, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

Any question about the SGAC Anti-Harassment Policy? Reach out to the SGAC Code of Conduct Committee at [email protected].