1st Italian Space Startup Competition

11-12 May 2019

Hosted by
Politecnico di Milano

The 1st Italian Space Startup Competition is the first event of this kind organised by the Space Generation Advisory Council. Hosted by Politecnico di Milano, it will be held on May 11-12, 2019.

A start-up competition is an event where ideas are shaped into business and eventually presented to a jury during a pitch competition. The ISSC is a start-up competition focused on space related ideas. This may include new technologies, spin-in or spin-off, or space data applications. The main aim of the two-day event is to bring forth the next generation’s entrepreneurs, encourage knowledge sharing, foster innovation and provide delegates with the necessary backdrop to network, learn and shape the future. Participants will work in teams and learn about the importance of interdisciplinarity and teamwork.

The event is dedicated to, but not limited to, students and young professionals with an interest in space and business. The interdisciplinarity of the event allows people from any background, being it engineering, law, economics or else, to partecipate. This will allow participants to form diverse teams and aim to the top.

Download the ISSC
Delegates’ Handbook!

The first day will be dedicated to an introduction of entrepreneurship and tools to shape an idea into business (e.g. pitch canvas or brainstorming) and to creation of teams. The second day will be focused on the development of the business idea and the preparation of the pitch competition.

The event will take place on the weekend before the ESA Living Planet Symposium.