The 1st ISSC will be hosted by Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical university in Italy. The event will take place at the Bovisa Campus, that can be easily reached with public transportation.

Address: Via Giuseppe La Masa, 34, 20156 Milano MI, Italy


How to reach Milan city center:

From Malpensa Airport:

From Linate Airport:

From Orio al Serio Airport:


How to reach Bovisa Campus:

From the city centre, reach one of the following subway stops:

  • Porta Venezia (red line),
  • Repubblica (yellow line),
  • Garibaldi (green line).

Take one of the trains called “Passante ferroviario” and get off at Bovisa train station.

Alternatively, you can get to Cadorna subway stop (green and red line), go to its railway station, take any train that leaves from there (except “Malpensa Express”) and get off at Bovisa train station.

Once you get out of Bovisa train station, turn right to reach the Engineering Campus (Via La Masa 34).