SGAC is proud to present October 2023 Member of the Month!

SGAC is delighted to recognize members who are committed to its development; those who show hard labour and total dedication to the mission and purpose of the organisation. For October 2023, we are pleased to announce and congratulate the Farah Diya Yasmine!


Meet Farah Diya Yasmine

Farah Diya Yasmine graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law from Universitas Trunojoyo Madura, Indonesia. In her student years, she was well-known as a constitutional law debater after winning back-to-back in two years (2018 and 2019) in the National Constitutional Debate Competition held by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia in partnership with LeDhak, Faculty of Law, Universitas Hasanuddin. However, then she made up her mind to change her concentration study to international law and wrote a thesis on “Pemanfaatan Sumber Daya Alam di Bulan Oleh Negara-Negara,” in Bahasa, or “The Utilization of Moon Natural Resources by Countries,” in English. 

Farah is pursuing her career as a space lawyer. While waiting to be old enough to be sworn in as a lawyer, she has contributed as a legal researcher, expert, advisor, speaker, and member of several working groups, project groups, events, institutions, and organizations, including the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

Recently, she established her platform, Farah Law School, and attended the World Space Forum 2023. During the event, she followed up on her ideas for her undergraduate thesis in a poster session with a larger audience.

Farah Diya Yasmine’s role as part of the SGAC team:

Farah has been an active member of the Human Resources Recruitment Team of SGAC since August 12, 2022. Hitherto, she has handled more than 20 project application packages, such as SGFF 2024 Deputy Manager, Membership Co-Manager, Mentoring Team Co-Lead, etc. Further, starting on March 29, 2023, she is thrilled to represent SGAC and her country as a National Point of Contact for Indonesia. She is responsible for building connections and conducting national space events, such as newsletters, scholarships, and policy discussions. Besides, she is currently affiliated with SGAC’s project groups, namely Space Law and Policy for Earth Observation 2023 and Human Rights, as well as the Near Space Object 2024.

Farah Diya Yasmine, share with us your reaction to receiving the nomination:

I was surprised and grateful to receive the Member of the Month, October 2023 Award. This has fostered my motivation to keep on track in the space sector, especially my dedication to SGAC. Thank you to the nominator for your trust, as well as to the Human Resources family and to all the members of different teams who have been helping me develop.

What learnings have you got for those considering joining SGAC?

 By joining SGAC, you make a great start to surrounding yourself with like-passioned people. SGAC has supported my professional networking, shared my ideas, and helped me find other opportunities in the space sector. Accordingly, sign up yourself and be ready for your space milestone!

Would you like to share with us a special quote you feel guided by, or how would you motivate others to stay focused on their goals?

 “Indeed, with hardship, [will be] ease” (QS. 94:6).

Do not stay in the past, but let them be part of you and guide your present and future! Remember, you might not always be in everyone’s day, but make sure you are always in yours every day.