SGAC is looking for a volunteer to become the Co-lead for Partnerships of SGAC Projects and Project Groups. The lead will work with and report to the Project Group Coordinators Joshua Critchley-Marrows and Morgane Lecas, as well as the current Partnership Lead, Luca Ricci.

Deadline for applications: Extended 30 September 2023

About the Project Groups

SGAC Project Groups (PG) operate as the largest international community of students and young professionals interested in the space sector. There are presently eleven PGs with a rapidly increasing membership base across all six global regions. Each PG is uniquely different, covering a majority of topics in the space sectors from space exploration and space technology to law and policy, diversity, and human rights. Each PG seeks to connect like-minded young professionals and students in their chosen field of interest, to deliver high-quality contributions to each specialization, and to help educate and develop the membership body to be future experts and leaders.

For more information on the group’s projects and activities please check their webpages.


The Partnerships Co-lead is a volunteer who will support project coordination activities within SGAC, operating as part of the Project Coordination team. The Partnership’s Co-lead will be expected to manage and coordinate all new and existing partnerships of the SGAC Project Groups. They will support communications with external parties on the topic of partnerships, alongside the relevant point of contact. They will also operate closely with the SGAC Executive Director, acting as a liaison and holding the responsibility of SGAC project partnerships.

As the responsibility and development of partnerships for SGAC projects is relatively new, they will also be tasked with the development and execution of the new project partnership prospectus. This prospectus will agree for SGAC members to work on new projects with research organisations and industry through sponsorship. This is an exciting new development for SGAC to help grow and develop its membership base, as well as to receive the support needed to deliver high impact projects..

In summary, their duties will include but not be limited to:

  • Management and coordination of SGAC partnerships relating to PGs and projects.
  • To act as an advocate for SGAC Projects with external partners.
  • Communicate and operate alongside the SGAC Executive Director.
  • Support communications with external parties, including high profile industry leaders, on the topic of project partnerships.
  • Development and execution of the new partnership prospectus for SGAC PGs and projects.
  • To encourage and support the connection of SGAC project activities to external parties and partners.

Estimated time commitment: On average 4 hours per week

Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC membership: registration on the SGAC website and below 34 years of age at the time of appointment
  • Be a citizen of a United Nations Member State
  • Be between 18 and 35 years old during the appointment
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork experience
  • Possess good communication skills in English and preferably in other United Nations official languages
  • Possess a basic understanding of SGAC and the organisation’s Project Groups
  • To have experience in a voluntary organisation. Experience in partnerships and/or strategy would be appreciated but not essential.
  • Have the necessary time to allocate to support in their development

PG Coordination Team members are appointed for a term of two years, and may serve two consecutive terms. The position will have a probationary period of 3 months.


This is your chance to help shape the future of the SGAC PGs. The PGs consist of a membership volume in the 1000s, with nationalities represented across the globe. You get to:

  • Join a great team of young experts across all disciplines of the international space community
  • Interact with senior-level leaders in the international space sector
  • Work with the next generation of international space sector leaders in the world’s largest youth space network
  • Access relevant space policy materials, documents, magazines, etc.
  • Possibly be nominated for SGAC leadership awards
  • Benefit from SGAC discounts on event registration for team members

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please complete our Vacancy Application Form by Extended 30 September 2023 with the following documents as attachments:

  • A Letter of Intent (maximum 1 page)
  • Your CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • List of three past experiences and how they have prepared you for this role (maximum 1 page)

Only complete applications will be considered.

Application Timeline

Applications Open: 1 August 2023
Applications Close: 30 September 2023


Review of applications and interviews will be done during the months of August and September. 
The outcome of the application will be communicated at the end of September or beginning of October.