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CSPG participation at IAC 2022 in Paris!

The NewSpace Business Plan Competition (BPC) at the IAC is here! A three-day event where experts Candace Johnson, Dennis Stone, Joerg Kreisel, Thomas A Olson, Nancy C. Wolfson, and Nicholas Florio will explore innovative approaches for public and private partnerships (PPP) in space as exploration, satellites, habitats, resource utilization (including near-Earth-asteroids/NEAs), space debris solutions, and more. The BPC is especially valuable for young professionals considering entrepreneurship paths, early-stage startup founders, and investors looking for investment strategies in the various space sectors. The International Astronautical Federation-Space Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (IAF-SEIC), the Center for Space Commerce and Finance (CSCF), World Space Week Association (WSW), and The Space Generation Advisory Council-Commercial Space Project Group (SGAC-CSPG) will mentor our finalists during the BPC’s ENTREPRENEUR BOOT-CAMP on the 18-19 of Sept. The grand finale is The BPC’s PANEL-PITCH SESSION, open to all audiences on Tuesday, Sept 20th- Room N02-from 3.30 pm to 5 pm. Our finalists, CELESTIAL (Germany), KMI (USA), PROGRESJA (Poland), SPiN (Luxembourg), and ASTRALINTU SPACE TECHNOLOGIES (Ecuador); will be competing for the grand prize of USD 10,000! Special thanks to our On-Site Lead Coordinator Alina Vizireanu and our Promotion Co-Coordinator KangSan Kim (Antonio). To volunteer or for more information, contact the BPC Project Managers: Thomas A Olson at [email protected] and Nancy C. Wolfson at



Members of Commercial Space Group Members Participate in Mars City Design Competition 2020 

Four members of Commercial Space Project Group – Harlee Quizzagan, Aleksandar Nikolov, Chaitanya Gopal, and Alina Vizireanu participated in the Mars City Design Competition 2020 from May 2020 to June 2020. The SGAC team for the Mars City Design 20202 is composed of a total 27 international members from different project groups of SGAC who worked on multidisciplinary topic about designing a sustainable Mars City.


CSPG Members’ Experience:

Our Love for Space brought us together… and we gave it all

by Alina Vizireanu

One month to come up with a design, with a structure and vision, research and ideas… so many innovative ideas. 

One month SGAC project members have seen and better experienced the power of working together, the power of diversity and collaboration across different time zones. Understanding time and project management, and most importantly, working for a common vision, to create a Sustainable and Successful Martian society, made us dedicate our time to imagine a new world.


Our life needs to be more than just resolving problems every day – it needs to be lived and enjoyed, and through The Mars Society challenge we have had an incredible adventure. 27 people came together to make Mars a reachable destination for Humanity.


I remember reading the news about being selected among Semi-Finalists, which for me, personally, it felt overwhelming. At that point I realised the appeal of our report and I had the confidence we are getting to the next stage..Finals. I just knew we had it. Mainly it is because the paper was created by such passionate people, maybe because everyone gave it all. Hours of research and brainstorming, changed biorhythm due to international collaboration on different time zones, aren’t common for everyday activities, but these are when connecting and collaborating with like-minded people matters for one’s personal development. Our report’s sound success sits in the spirit of SGAC, gathering together space passionate people.


As competition Finalists we now feel more inspired and ready to embark on the greatest human endeavor in the history of our civilization. The future is exciting.


I’d like to send my sincere Congratulations to all the members of SGAC Mars Competition team, and as well to the winners of the competition, Nexus Aurora.


Be inspired! Be curious! 

Join us to discover the New, because Together we go further!


By Aleksandar Nikolov:

What inspired you to join the initiative?

I wanted to get involved in the development of the space sector for some time and I thought that participating in such a project would be a great way to share my ideas with the broader community of people that are passionate about space. Being inspired by visionaries like Elon Musk and the recent successes of SpaceX (ok, some sci-fi movies played some role too :), I found that exploring the topic of a viable Martian economy of 1 Million people will be a perfect way to combine my professional expertise with my passion for space.

What positive experience did you gain from this competition?

The major positive was the ability to meet and work with people of different backgrounds from all over the world towards a common goal. What we achieved in such a short time was absolutely amazing! The collaboration with the different task groups, midnight discussions and online meetings showed me the huge potential when people are mobilized and motivated by a shared dream.

By Harlee Quizzagan

What inspired you to join the initiative?

“Space exploration has always been my dream what with reading Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, and Isaac Asimov! I’ve always been a futurist and I get fascinated with the concept of intergalactic humanity. Designing a colony for 1 million people in Mars would be the initial steps and being teamed up with SGAC young professionals with same vision is such an impeccable break! When the call was sent out looking for interested team members, I was thrilled because then it would mean working with people of different background, closely resembling a true COLLABORATIVE space exploration initiative!”


What positive experience did you gain from this initiative?

“This project involved a lot of people working together, despite the big differences in terms of timezone. The experience of having to wake up early in the morning to listen to incredible ideas or to just bounce insane but intriguing thoughts made the entire journey eventful. We worked in an environment where being bizarre but creative is encouraged! Afterall, space exploration was born out of bizarre ideas. This design project taught me a lot about how to listen to people but also to make sure you’ve got an idea or contribution. Participation is key as like all space projects, design, ideas, or solutions are pertinent. What made it even more worthwhile was that you’d have to come up with these in just 30-days! The key to achieving it in such a rapid timeframe? Collaboration!”

You can read more about the project here:

Mars City Design Competition