Commercial Space Project Group

The main areas of interest within the Commercial Space Project group are showcased next. Further down, you will find some information regarding past projects and partnerships of CSPG.

Current Projects

Space Business in Developing Countries

  • Identify key factors that attract foreign investment to new space-faring countries
  • Disseminate conclusions to foment such development in emerging and developing countries
  • Involve SGAC network in a wide-range analysis of such factors worldwide


Commercial Space Resources Activities

  • Overview the regulatory challenges of an international framework on space mining from a commercial standpoint
  • Address the economic challenges of space mining using specific case studies on different celestial bodies
  • Disseminate conclusions to promote well-balanced regulation for commercial space resource exploitation activities


Think Tank

  • Foment the entrepreneurial spirit within SGAC
  • Push the brainstorming of New Space business and technical ideas for today’s and tomorrow’s problems
  • Grow such ideas by providing mentoring and technical support, in an idea-accelerator scheme.



  • Webinars/Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Hackathons

Past Projects and Partnerships

Space For Humanity

  • Business Plan Development


  • Article available here, co-authored by the CSPG team members Vinicius Aloia and Ananyo Bhattacharya.