The Space Generation Advisory Council is looking for an active young space leader from the South America region to become the next Regional Coordinator (RC) for this Region. This two-year role is a volunteer position that offers a chance to lead and be responsible for the voice of the next generation of young space leaders in South America, especially as activities and excitement in the region have expanded over the past years in the space sector, and at SGAC.

Deadline for Applications: 30 June 2024

Role Description

The Regional Coordinator sits on the SGAC Executive Committee and is tasked with representing the views of their region. They will also coordinate the activities of SGAC in their region and oversee the work of National Points of Contact. RCs also have votes on SGAC matters at the Executive Committee level, and elect the co-Chairs of the organization.

The elected RCs will replace the outgoing Regional Coordinator, Ms. Isi Casas Del Valle P. in July 2024 and will work closely with our current RC Mr. Erik Busnello Imbuzeiro.


  • Oversee the activities of NPoCs and regional planning
  • Coordinate with your co-RC on a weekly basis
  • Represent the region at SGAC Executive Committee meetings
  • Maintain regular communication with co-Chairs and attend regional meetings with the Executive Director and co-Chairs
  • Submit a regional work plan at the start of the year
  • Submit a regional annual report at the end of the year
  • Recruit new NPoCs in the region and mentor them
  • Act as advisers for the Space Generation Workshop in the region, and for local events organised by NPoCs
  • Coordinate with NPoCs to activate regional and local partnerships and help achieve SGAC goals in the region
  • Coordinate new initiatives in the region and formation of local networks within each State

Duration of term: 2 years

Time Commitment: The amount of time spent on this role is dependent on the level of activity of RCs. We expect a minimum commitment of 5 hours per week on average.

Necessary Qualifications

  • SGAC membership (requires registration on the SGAC website)
  • Citizenship of a UN member or observer state located in the region (as listed in the SGAC bylaws)
  • Be a motivated young professional or student between the age of 18 and 33 
  • Secure the nomination of two National Points of Contact (NPoCs) in the region
  • Regional Coordinators should preferably be resident in the region they represent
  • Experience/familiarity with the space sector
  • Teamwork capacity and proven leadership skills
  • Strong working knowledge of computer applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and Google apps
  • Professional Fluency (Speaking, Reading, and Writing) in English
  • Awareness of international cooperation principles, concepts and techniques
  • Cross-Cultural and Communication Awareness: Ability to establish and maintain professional working relationships with people from various international and cultural backgrounds


  • Opportunity to work with SGAC’s global sponsors and international space partners
  • Membership of the SGAC Executive Committee
  • Nomination and increased chances of winning the SGAC Young Leaders Award and Global Grants Programme
  • Opportunity to attend SGAC events as part of the SGAC team with registration discounts
  • Being the face of your region at SGAC

This is a voluntary role and has no monetary compensation. Active members of SGAC teams are considered for nomination for SGAC Scholarships and Awards, including fee waivers or discounts for SGAC event fees.

Application Process

If you are eligible and interested in this position, you will need to secure the nomination of two (2) National Points of Contact (NPoCs) in the region before submitting your application.

Complete applications must be submitted to the attention of the SGAC Chair Dr Antonino Salmeri and Co-Chair Mr Joshua Critchley-Marrows, at [email protected] with the subject line “[LAST NAME, 2024 RC South America Elections]” no later than the deadline.

Please include the following items in your application email:

  • Curriculum Vitae (including your Date of Birth)
  • A letter of intent including your suitability for the position
  • A vision document highlighting your plans for your two-year term
  • Names of your nominators in your application email only


  • Eligibility requirements can be found in the SGAC Statutes and Bylaws, and in the section above this notice.
  • To receive nominations from National Points of Contact, you must reach out to NPoCs in the relevant Region to state your intent, and goals for the position, and have at least TWO of those NPoCs give their support to your application.
  • We strongly recommend a concrete plan, with measurable goals for 6 months, the first year and the end of the term. You are welcome to informally interact with the region to include their views in your plans as well.
  • Following the deadline, the National Points of Contact in the Region will be presented with these documents.
  • Only current NPoCs of the Region are eligible to vote and will be notified of specific voting instructions.
  • The election will include a Q&A period with the region. This might include an online interactive teleconference, and/or a compilation of questions from the region which applicants will need to respond to.
  • Election reports will be publicly posted on the SGAC website and might be shared through social media and other SGAC communication channels. By applying to this position, you consent to sharing your name, and nationality, and received votes as part of these reports.
  • Potential candidates seeking nominations are encouraged to check our team page or contact [email protected] for an up-to-date list of current National Points of Contacts. Candidates are also encouraged to contact our current regional coordinators to learn more about the role.

Election Timeline

Application Open:  3 June 2024
Application Close:  30 June 2024
Q&A Period: 1-15 July 2024
Voting Period: 16 July 2024 – 23 July 2024
Announcement of Outcome and Appointment: 24 July 2024