Medical advice: Bogotá D.C. is located at an altitude of 2600m above sea level. If you consider it necessary, please talk to your doctor before making travel arrangements.

Immigration: To be able to enter Colombia as a foreigner, your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months after your date of arrival.

Bogotá is the largest city in Colombia, with a population of around 8 million people, and the capital city of the country located in its center, in the heart of the Andes. It has an unique scenery, where the big green mountains can be seen to the east.

with an area of 1587 square kilometres, Bogota is a city full of diversity and cultures where many people of different places from the country get reunited, that is why it is an ideal place to find gastronomy from many parts in one place: Bogota is the reunion of the best of the Country. Ajiaco, typical dish of Bogota

The city is a great cultural and economic center in the region of South America and it is the place where many museums and theaters can be found, such as The Gold Museum, The National Museum, the Modern Art Museum of Bogota MAMBO and Colon Theater.

The capital city of Colombia was founded in 1538 and its roots can be found in the neighborhood named La Candelaria, wich was the center and home of illustrious citizens and the most relevant institutions for their cultural and political character such as the Colon Theater, the Nariño Palace and the National Capitol; that is why La Candelaria and the center of Bogota is one of the historical centers of the country declared a National Monument.,_Bogota,_Colombia_(5770632336).jpg
Bolivar Square

Bogota has a temperate oceanic climate, with an average temperature of 14.5°C (58°F) that can vary from 10°C to 19°C (50°F to 66°F). Due to its geographical location it does not have 4 seasons, but dry and rainy seasons alternate throughout the year and the driest months are December, January, July and August.

Travel Information

Airport: Bogotá’s main airport is El Dorado International Airport: located in the west of the city, at a distance of 15 kilometers from downtown, is one of the most important airport in Latin America. Many airlines start and land at El Dorado Airport: international airlines traveling Bogota include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Jet Blue, Lufthansa and Aeromexico.


The official currency in Colombia is the colombian peso (COP, $), with exchange rates approximate as follows:
1 USD= 2866 COP
1 EUR= 3370 COP
1 GBP= 3808 COP


The main public transportation inside the city consist on a bus rapid transit system called TransMilenio, which operates articulated buses on dedicated roads. The main routes are: Caracas Avenue, Northern Highway (Autopista Norte), 80th Street, Americas Avenue, Jiménez Avenue, 30th Avenue (Norte Quito Sur or N.Q.S.) and 26th Avenue. There is a route that goes straight from the airport, with a fare per way of 2300 COP (0,8 USD) paid by a card called TuLlave that is worth 5000 COP (1,75 USD). In order to know which routes do must take to arrive to your destiny, you could use the app “TransmiSitp” or “movit ”.

Bogotá is a hub for domestic and international bus routes. The Bogotá terminal serves routes to most cities and towns in Colombia and is the largest in the country. There is international service to Ecuador, Perú and Venezuela.



-cup of coffee: 1000 COP – 3500 COP 3500 COP-8000 COP

-beer: 3500 COP-8000 COP

-lunch: 6000 COP – 15000 COP

-hamburger: 6000 COP – 12000 COP

-taxi from the airport to the downtown

-ticket of sitp 2100 COP (It is mandatory to have a Tullave Card 5000 COP, you buy this card just once)

-Ticket of transmilenio: 2300 COP (It is mandatory to have a Tullave Card 5000 COP, you buy this card just once),_Bogot%C3%A1.JPG

“Come to discover the magic realism in the heart of the Andes”