SGAC is pleased to announce Jamil Castillo as the winner of the SGAC-EMER-GEN/AMOS 2019 Competition. The scholarship enables one outstanding SGAC member to attend the AMOS conference and the EMER-GEN programme for young professionals in Hawaii,  September  15-20 2019.

Jamil Castillo

Jamil Estéfani Castillo is a fellow at the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, where she is responsible for policy and technical research to support the Coalition’s writing and policy objectives. Prior to starting at the Coalition, Jamil was an intern analyst at Bryce Space and Technology, where she participated in top projects related to the commercialization of low Earth orbit, cybersecurity policy adaptable to space systems, and private investment in start-up space companies. Jamil has also contributed her research on anti-satellite capabilities to the Space Security Index. Jamil holds a Master’s degree in Space Law from McGill University. While at McGill, she completed research on space situational awareness and active debris removal. Before starting her space career, she was an aviation lawyer working on drone and safety policy, teaching air regulations to air traffic control students, and serving as a volunteer adviser on the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Safety Management Panel.

“This scholarship gives me the opportunity to be part of global discussions that will contribute to the future of space sustainability. I look forward to exchanging ideas about space situational awareness and space traffic management with other professionals, and to sharing my enthusiasm about careers in space.”



SGAC would like to thank the AMOS conference for the fund to this scholarship.