The AMOS conference and SGAC are collaborating to support SGAC members to attend the AMOS conference and the EMER-GENTM programme for young professionals in HAWAII,  SEPTEMBER 15-20.


The Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference is the premier technical conference in the U.S. devoted to space surveillance. The cross section of military, contractor, and academic participation fuels important dialogue and collaboration on a national and international scale. The continued growth in attendance and participating countries reflects a growing interest in Space Situational Awareness as new actors—national governments, start-up companies, universities, and non-governmental entities—become more involved in space activities.

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Introduced in 2018, EMER-GEN™ is a joint initiative of the AMOS Conference and SGAC. The program is designed especially for young professionals and students (35 and under) enthusiastic about careers in space. The two-day experience offers mentoring, networking, short courses and professional development.

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The scholarship includes registration fees for both events (AMOS Conference and EMER-GENTM) as well as $1300 USD towards travel costs. 

How to Apply

To apply, please submit your complete application using the Scholarship Submission Form.

Please submit your CV and essay as unlocked PDF files. Your name should be included at the top of all pages. Your submission should follow the competition guidelines below. 

Your application must include an essay answering the following 2 questions in no more than 350 words each:

  1.   What is the relevance of Space Traffic Management to the development of the space sector?
  2.   How do you see SGAC’s role responding to developments in the space traffic management field and how can you contribute to this?

Participants will be expected to contribute to the writing of a report for SGAC on conclusion of the event. The applicants shall be eligible to travel to the U.S. 



  1. The competition is open to students and young professionals from any country which is eligible to travel to the US for the conference.
  2. All individuals shall be SGAC members between the ages of 18 to 35 inclusive (up to the day of their 36th birthday) on 1 September 2019.
  3. The competition is only open to individuals. No team submissions are accepted.
  4. Competition organisers and judges are not eligible for this award.
  5. Should winners receive support from another source for the same event midway through the program, SGAC should be informed of this. This will not make applicants ineligible for the award, as we do understand that the scholarship only covers parts of their costs.


  1. All submissions shall be made by 20 August 2019, 23:59 GMT. Any submissions after the deadlines will not be considered.
  2. The submission is due as an unlocked PDF document under 5 MB. It shall be submitted via the Scholarships Submission Form . You will need to be logged in as an SGAC member to access the submission page.
  3. The language of all submissions shall be English.
  4. Essay must answer the two questions mentioned above in no more than 350 words each (longer essays won’t be accepted).
  5. The suggested writing format is: size 12 and Times New Roman as the font style, single spaced.
  6. Participant has to be the sole author and has to hold all rights to the essay. Essays must not be previously submitted to other competitions. All essays will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism of more than 10% will be disqualified.
  7. Participants may only submit one essay for the scholarship.
  8. Participants must NOT include their name or any kind of identification in their essay to allow anonymity for the purpose of a fair judging process. The judges will only receive the essays without your email contact.
  9. In case of lack of quality of submissions, SGAC has the right to extend and or cancel the scholarship.

Responsibilities of the Winners

The winning author shall:       

    • Attend the EMER-GEN and AMOS conferences in full 
    • Contribute to the final report in coordination with the EMER-GENTM Organising Team
    • Submit a short report (2 pages excluding pictures) and a short video (1 minute) describing their experience at the event for inclusion on the SGAC website, newsletter or social media and that of our partners
    • Highlight the scholarship and event on their social media, personal website or blog

All responsibilities shall be fulfilled and reports etc. submitted no later than 2 months from the day of the event

In case the scholarship awardee(s) do(es) not complete the scholarship requirements on time, the scholarship funds will be transferred to SGAC general fund to continue supporting the mission and work of SGAC.


  1. The award will be paid out after the event, no later than 30 days after fulfilment of all responsibilities listed above.
  2. The scholarship award reimbursement is conditioned on the awardee fulfilling the scholarship requirements no later than 2 months after the event.
  3. In case applicants or the winning author receive funding for the event from any other organisation, the Scholarships Coordinators shall be informed. If the applicants don’t inform the Scholarships Coordinators, SGAC reserves the right to not reimburse the winner. SGAC aims to reduce the number of double scholarships and will work with the winners to develop a solution in these cases.
  4. Applicants are advised to not engage any expenses until they have formal confirmation that the competition has been awarded. SGAC is not liable for any expenses incurred by applicants in any case where a competition is not awarded, or in excess of the value of the awarded grant.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

  1. By submitting an entry, applicants agree to permit SGAC and all affiliated organisers to mention their names, affiliations and headshot picture in connection with the competition.
  2. Copyright of the submitted entry shall remain with the contestants. However, by submitting an entry all contestants agree that SGAC and all affiliated organisers are granted non-exclusive reproduction rights regarding all submitted papers. SGAC and all affiliated organisers may also present ideas and findings generated by this competition at relevant conferences.


  1. Organisers shall not be responsible should the event applied for is cancelled. SGAC will not reimburse the winning author, even if he/she has already incurred expenses.
  2. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner fails to attend the event or is unable to under extenuating circumstances; in that case, the award offer shall become void.
  3. Organisers shall not be responsible in the event that the award winner cannot obtain any necessary travel documents; if they are required but not obtained, the award offer shall become void.


Entries accepted: Now!

Submission Deadline: 20 August  2019, 23:59 GMT

Winners announced: 25 August  2019


For any questions, please refer to SGAC Scholarships Coordinators ([email protected]).


SGAC would like to acknowledge the support received from the AMOS conference to fund this scholarship.