The Space Generation Advisory Council is pleased to announce the release of “This is Our Space: Contributions from the Young Generations for Sustainable Space Activities,” a first-of-its-kind overview of SGAC’s initiatives for space sustainability. The overview was approved by the Executive Committee on November 27th, 2022 and represents the culmination of one year of work from a dedicated team led by Nicolas Moraitis, Antonio Carlo and Morgane Lecas from the Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform (SGAPP).

“Sustainability has always been a guiding compass of SGAC activities,” said SGAPP coordinator Giuliana Rotola. “This overview is critical to understand how the diverse teams across different regions relate to this issue to lay the foundation for an official position of the new generation for a more sustainable space.”

The overview identifies three broad types of initiatives undertaken by the SGAC to promote an understanding of sustainability in space activities and details each of these initiatives by citing the work of the Sustainability in Space Project Group, among others. 

“Sustainability of activities in outer space goes to the core of SGAC’s mission,” said Hamza Hameed, chair of the SGAC. “This report showcases all of our activities to promote the sustainable use of outer space and stresses the importance of ensuring that space continues to be the realm of all humankind, whether in the present or in the future.”

Building upon the Overview’s findings, SGAC has established a dedicated team for drafting a united policy position on space sustainability throughout 2023. Interested SGAC members are warmly invited to apply here by March 5th.

“With the increasing number of space operations, space sustainability seems more important than ever before,” said Nicolas Moraitis, the SGAC’s National Point of Contact for Greece and team leader for the overview report. “It is very encouraging to see the younger generation take action and note the necessity of space sustainability. I think that the team did a great job, providing SGAC with a detailed outline of its current activities and areas where improvement is needed.”

The Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform is one of SGAC’s main pillars, designed to unify and amplify the values and needs of space generation in critical policy areas. To find out more about SGAPP’s work, please check our original policy recommendations on effective and adaptive lunar governance as well as on the role of space in climate action. To learn more about SGAPP, visit the SGAC website or contact [email protected].