Optimizing Space Technology for Earth Applications

Our Specific Goals for this Event: 1. To gain knowledge of the various space technologies developed for diverse applications. 2. To understand the Importance of adapting space technology for practical applications on Earth. 3. To discuss best practices for maximizing space tech in underserved regions. 4. To Foster networking and collaboration, building partnerships for our forthcoming Regional event; The 8th Africa Space Generation Workshop 2024, at Abuja, This November.

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How to get your first job in space

It’s clear that the hardest thing about working in Space is getting your foot in the door. I mean, how do you overcome being applicant #372? What makes you stand out amongst the crowd? What can you do to increase your odds? This is exactly what we’re going to be exploring in our upcoming “How to get your 1st job in Space”. Join us as Matt walks us through the different routes into the Space industry, what employers really look for, and how to best position yourself in the market. With an extended period of Q&A to really get your questions answered. Whether you’re about to graduate soon, or have been working for a while but been unable to make to switch, this event is for you.

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Unlock your space potential: education, careers and projects for young people in Belarus

Join our webinar "Unlock Your Space Potential: Education, Careers and Projects for Young People in Belarus"! We will tell you about the unique opportunities available to the youth in our country. Learn about the history of the space industry in Belarus, current projects and global trends, and how you can contribute to this exciting field. Join us and discover new horizons!

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Search for Life in Space

Get the answers to your questions about the search for life in the Universe! Our guest is Dr. Adrienne Kish, the Associate Professor in Astrobiology from Muséum National d'Histoire National (MNHN), France. Her research projects aim to understand what are the limits of life, why such limits exist, and how the conditions found on other planets could affect bacterial life as we know it!

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SGAC is seeking for Regional Executive Secretary – North, Central America and the Caribbean (NCAC)

If you are an SGAC member from the North, Central America and the Caribbean (NCAC) region who is looking for an opportunity to become more involved in a role that offers challenging, rewarding, and professional skill-building experiences, then apply today!

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