SGx2024 Workshop & Pitch Competition


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Have you been dreaming about life on the moon? Get ready to pitch your greatest ideas for our lunar future at the SGx Lunar Innovation Challenge workshop! During SGx2024, attendees will break out into groups to develop high-level project pitches for a group of executive judges to consider live on stage.  The pitches, only a few minutes long, will be judged on their creativity and delivery. The top pick will receive a special prize package and be featured on SGAC social media.

Meet our esteemed panel of judges!

Vicki Cox Director of Communications, Northrop Grumman 


Rich Leshner Vice President of Government Relations, Vast Space


Michelle Mathieson Director of Programs, Northrop Grumman 

Peter Ortez Principal, Munich Re Ventures

This workshop was made possible by our title sponsor, Northrop Grumman, and our pitch competition judge partner, Vast Space. Thank you!