Elevate Your Leadership

July 26 2020 | 3-4PM CEST

Dr. Julie Chesley, PhD

Leaders today need increasingly sophisticated and agile mindsets to deal with the Volatile, Uncertain, Ambiguous and Complex (VUCA) world.  We need to be able to challenge our own assumptions and the assumptions of others.  We need the capacity to learn and integrate new understanding. This requires mindset development – investigating our beliefs, biases, habits and autopilot behavior.  We know it’s important to do, but how do we get there?

To truly develop this capacity, we need a different approach. We need to move away from only focusing on what we know (our competencies), towards understanding how we make sense of what we know. Being an expert is necessary but not sufficient. Why? We are wired to avoid change, and brain research suggests our largely unconscious habits of mind drive our behavior. This means 90% of our decisions, motivations and reactions are influenced by automatic, unconscious processes.  We naturally default to familiar solutions and processes, even when they no longer match the new or changing environment. This is why we still trip over ourselves despite being smart people who sincerely want to do better. This new approach is vertical leadership development. 

During this workshop, I will present an evidence-based model of four capabilities necessary to grow mindsets that expand conscious thinking and action, reducing autopilot and unconscious behavior: Dynamic Attention, Whole Person Awareness, Strategic Clarity and Authentic Collaboration.

Special focus will be given to one part of our process for achieving strategic clarity: understanding the largely unconscious role our internal parts play in our leadership and in our lives. Finally, I will introduce how a bigger mindset and greater strategic clarity can lead to self leadership, where we lead and engage with courage, compassion, curiosity, calmness, clarity, confidence, creativity and connectedness. 

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