A Set of Best Practices for Developing Space Legislation in Africa

An overview of best practices that can serve as a model for developing relevant legislation in African countries increasing their commercial activities in space.

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The Challenges of Dual-Use Space Technologies: the Non-Peaceful Use of Satellites

Satellites are part and parcel of societies around the world: from telecommunications to global navigation systems, they are used for both commercial and scientific purposes. However, satellites also have non-peaceful applications. The sooner a consensus on the non-peaceful use of satellites is reached, the better it will be for all nations and for the peaceful conduct of outer space activities.

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Top 10 space law, policy and science news of 2020

1. Signing of the Artemis Accords Credit: NASAtv In 2020, NASA announced the multilateral agreements draft for international Lunar cooperation  within the Artemis Program framework. The first eight countries (Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, UAE, UK) formally signed the Artemis Accords during the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in October 2020, with Ukraine and Brazil joining before 2021. This [...]

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