SGAC Involvement with the United Nations


What is Capacity Building?

Capacity Building does not have a set definition. It can mean many things to different people. At Space Generation Forum 2.0 in 2018, delegates were asked to write what capacity building means to them and how SGAC and the space community could contribute to this concept. Find out more about how the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) focuses on the topic of Capacity Building.

“All the efforts and activities used to prepare next generations for future needs, in terms of know-how, new technologies and skills”
“Capacity building as an ability to engage with people of different ages and backgrounds, inspire and educate them, and provide them with the tools, experiences and opportunities so that they can thrive in the space sector and become the leaders of tomorrow. At an institutional level, create and promote training and research programs, offer scholarships to young people, foster international cooperation, etc.”
“Capacity building is the way to make sure that any person interested in a special field would have access to knowledge, resources or opportunities in order to succeed and reach his/her goal.”
“Capacity Building is a way to develop the framework for allowing and inspiring innovation and creativity in space.”
“An act of encouraging the young generation internationally and building the environment for the young generation to pursue their careers.”
“Enabling people from all backgrounds, professions and nationalities to gain access to knowledge and experience in a field (space in this case). Education, more opportunities, and networking opportunities.”
“Capacity Building is giving the opportunity for all to be able to “build their own capacity” and reach their full potential.”

SGAC and Capacity Building

SGAC’s purpose

SGAC provides an environment for growth, engagement, and professional development for its members from around the world in order to gain skills that can prove essential to their future careers.

How do we create Capacity Building?

Through our Project Groups!

Through our Global Conferences!

Through our regional/local conferences, workshops and outreach activities!

How do we provide input?

The outcomes of all the SGAC activities are then turned into reports and are presented to the UN COPUOS Subcommittees as well as to our partners and sponsors.