4th ISSC Prizes & Winners

The 4th Italian Space Startup Competition will offer fantastic opportunities to increase your experience within the Space Startup sector!


Our sponsor Groundspace offers 8 hours of business & technical consultancy with a validity of 12 months. These hours can cover anything ranging from general advice on the setup of the start-up (structure of the capital, required staff, etc.) to very specific technical advice on topics that we are experts in (satellite communications, ground segment design, space protocols, etc.). They can cover Teams meetings, email exchanges, etc. This include an official certificate issued by Groundspace.

Winning Team: SIO (Security In Orbit)

Our sponsor Associazione Italiana Di Aeronautica e Astronautica (AIDAA) offers the opportunity to present the winner project to AIDAA’s members during a General Assembly and with a certificate for the winners. Other pizes include: a one-year subscription to AIDAA’s courses and webinars, an article in the “Aerotecnica Missili & Spazio” news and a book of AIDAA’s history.

Winning Team: SIO (Security in Orbit)

Our collaborator, The Campania Aerospace Technological District (DAC), offers mentorship sessions to help the winning team develop the startup in the initial phase, a visit to its member companies (Avio, Abete, CIRA) and DAC certifcates.

Winning Team: Space Walkers

Our collaborator, the Center for Near Space (CNS) of the Italian Institute for the Future (IIF), offers a “Space Startup Award – An Idea Towards the Future” which consists in mentorship sessions (from Raffaele Minichini, Matteo D’Iorio, Roberto Paura, Gennaro Russo) and certificates.

Winning Team: Space Sleep Walkers

Our collaborator Eurisy offers a mentorship in business/market and the opportunity for the winner team to present their pitch at one of Eurisy’s future event.

Winning Team: Space Sleep Walkers

Our collabrator Telespazio offers a visit to Centro Spaziale del Fucino (Fucino Space Center), which is the largest teleport in the world for civilian uses used for the control of artificial satellites, for telecommunications and for hosting, television and network services multimedia.

Winning Team: Space Walkers

Our partner Obloo Srls offers mentorship sessions on business and product development and the opportunity for the selected team to access a Proof Of Concept programme where Venture Factory invests in advancing the technological and business feasibility of the project.

Winning Team: LIFT (Low orbit Integreted few Fuel Thruster)

Our sponsor IngeniArs offers a 6-month internship opportunity for one person. The focus will be “HPC and parallel programming for space-qualified hardware accelerators”. The candidate will work with FPGA/ASIC accelerators dedicated to space, bringing together complex applications as AI, computer vision or high performance computer. The offer will be valid during 12 months.

Winning Team: Space Walkers

Our collaborator Confindustria Brescia offers a prize to be defined very soon.

Winning Team: Space Sleep Walkers

Closing ceremony