To be held in San José, Costa Rica in September 2023, the 4th North, Central America and Caribbean – Space Generation Workshop (4th NCAC-SGW) will reunite up to 150 students and young professionals from all over the NCAC Region and beyond. Delegates will have the chance to participate in main nowadays Space Industry discussions. The theme of the 4th NCAC-SGW is: “Space Lessons Learned: Youth Innovation Today, and International Cooperation for an Improved Tomorrow”, addressing topics related to Space Law, Science Diplomacy and International Cooperation, Space for the Sustainable Development Goals, Space Commerce, Mission Development, Telemetry and more. As a result, a final report will be handed over to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) including the outstanding results of the discussions.

The event will take place at the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y de Arquitectos de Costa Rica. If you’re ready for this amazing experience, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) will be taking applications starting May 30th.

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4th NCAC-SGW 2023

Photo: Part of the Latin America SGAC delegation at SGC and IAC Paris 2023.

Our workshop is part of SGAC’s annual events that aims to bring together regional space leaders to discuss topics of relevance to the respective region, in this case North, Central America and the Caribbean (NCAC).

Since the first regional event, or Space Generation Workshop in 2014, SGAC has been able to attract a larger member audience excited to bring an ‘international’ gathering to their region with participants that are interested in discussing local space activities and may not be able to attend SGAC events in other parts of the globe. This movement allows the participants to meet similar minded space enthusiasts from their region, and spin a cultural flavor. 

Even though our event is focused on the NCAC region, everyone from around the globe is invited to join our working groups and add their ideas to our discussions.

As a delegate, you will have the amazing opportunity to develop leadership skills in a growing industry by directly networking with the main actors, decision makers, market developers and young space leaders. You will join the most important youth space community where YOU HAVE THE POWER to actively participate in decision making and influence the direction of policies and space initiatives. You can positively impact the way things work in the present. This role enables you to represent the causes and issues that hold personal significance and pave the way for mindfull transformations.


Young Professionals: $50 (fifty US dollars).
Students: $40 (forty US dollars).


The 4th NCAC – SGW ticket includes the following: 

  • 4th NCAC – SGW Delegate Welcome Pack.
  • Access to Sponsors, Subject Matter Experts for Working Groups, Keynotes, and Panels.
  • Catering (4 Coffee breaks and 2 lunches).
  • 4th NCAC – SGW Cultural Night (venue reservation only).
  • 4th NCAC – SGW Farewell Networking Cocktail (drink and appetizers included).

Not included in your ticket: 

  • Transportation to Costa Rica and within Costa Rica.
  • Transportation to and from the workshop main venue and night events venues.
  • Accommodation.
  • Optional excursions and activities
  • 4th NCAC – SGW Cultural Night drinks and meals
  • Any other expenses not directly listed above


For the first time in SGAC’s history, we will be offering a Hosting Program where local (Costa Rica based) delegates can foster international (travelling from outside Costa Rica) delegates offering them free acomodation during the days of the events.

Volunteer host delegates will be granted a 25% discount on their registration fee.

Hosting Program registration will open once the workshop applications results are announced.

SGAC will offer a series of full and partial scholarships for local and international delegates to help them cover traveling or inscription expenses. For full scholarships winners, accomodation will be covered through the Hosting Program.

You can learn more about the scholarships opportunities here.


Our Workshop will be held in conjunction with the Central America Space Congress (Congreso Espacial Centroamericano – CEC). The Congress programme is designed to bring together the international community, including senior representatives of space agencies, industry, governments, policy makers, academia and NGOs. These leaders in the field will converge in San José, Costa Rica from September 12th to the 14th, to present results, exchange ideas, debate roadmaps, and discuss the future opportunities provided by space activities in the region. The results of our workshop will be presented during the CEC.

If you are a 4th NCAC-SGW delegate, you can sing up to the CEC with a 10% discount on their registration fee. 

Learn more about them here.




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