San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is city located right the heart of the country,  its centric location provides easy access to the best attractions to visit. Founded in 1737, today it is a spread-out metropolis and the largest city in Costa Rica. It is considered among the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. In the city and surroundings, you can find not only great options for accommodations, but also many wonderful restaurants, bars, museums, shopping centers, and colorful markets embracing the best of local culture and night life.

The San Jose Costa Rica airport Juan Santamaria (Airport code: SJO) is located in the neighbouring province of Alajuela. Here you will find the main port of entry –and departures- of the country. Different new flights have been incorporated recently in order to increase the offer and the possibilities of traveling to and from the country including low cost airlines like Volaris, Wingo, Spirit, etc.

The currency of the country is the Colón (Costa Rican colón or colones, in plural). US Dollars are commonly accepted in the country too, but if you prefer to pay in the local currency while in the capital it will be probably easier for you. You can pay with both, dollars and colones in several places, mostly big chain restaurant and stores, but be sure to have local money in case of an emergency or while shopping in little local places. Credit Card and Google Pay are also accepted, although some places do not accept American Express.

September is the height of the rainy season and, along with October, this is usually the rainiest month of the year. With the exception of the Caribbean coastline, which is rather dry and lovely, the rest of Costa Rica has heavy rainfall.

As San Jose lies in the tropics, the average temperature throughout the year has just a little variation. April is the hottest month with an average temperature of 23.7 °C (74.7 °F), while October is the coolest month with an average temperature of 21.8 °C (71.2 °F).

In general terms, if we had to say what is the average weather in Costa Rica, the answer would be mild.

There are different ways to get around San José:

  • By bus: which navigable, inexpensive and frequently runs through San José, Costa Rica’s capital, we recommend the use of Moovit App to get updates on routes and schedules.
  • Ride Service Platforms: we recommend using Didi App, Uber rides or red taxis.
  • Rent a car: rights at the airport and online you can find different rental options. Waze App is a really good tool for GPS directions.
  • Train: this service has limited routes and schedules, but the CARTAGO-> SAN JOSÉ-> CARTAGO route includes an stop right at the CFIA parking lot. Depending on where you are staying, this can be an option for you.

Be aware of peak traffic hours:

  • Morning:  6:00 AM to 8:00 AM
  • Afternoon: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM




The Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CFIA) is the regulatory body overseeing the professional practices of architects and engineers across various disciplines in the Republic of Costa Rica. Established in 1903 as the Technical Faculty of the Republic, it assumed its current name in 1971, expanding its sphere of influence.

The CFIA is dedicated to upholding and enforcing essential standards that govern the professional activities of its members within the country. In pursuit of this objective, it formulates and implements a comprehensive set of regulations and codes that hold legal authority and are obligatory throughout Costa Rica.

This upcoming September, we have the opportunity to conduct our workshop in their premises as they graciously open their doors for us.




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Downtown San José offers a variety of accomodation options from 5 stars Hotels, to Hostels and Airbnbs. Be sure to check for to-and-from airport transportation options with them, and proximity to our main Venue. We recommend looking out for places in the towns of Freses, Curridabat, San Pedro, Barrio Escalante and Zapote.




Did you know that Costa Rica is an extraordinary hub of biodiversity? With approximately half a million known species, it represents around 5% of Earth’s estimated species. Don’t pass up the opportunity to discover Costa Rica’s breathtaking beaches, lush rainforests, and majestic volcanoes during your visit for the NCAC-SWG. To help you plan your trip, we’ve collected some handy travel and entry guides. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this captivating destination!