Fiorella is a co-founder of Orbital Space Technologies, from where she has made significant contributions in the fields of Space Biology, Entrepreneurship, Space for Sustainability, and Science Diplomacy. Her achievements have earned her recognition as a Latin American Leader in Biotechnology 2021 by the Allbiotech organization and as an Emerging Space Leader 2021 by the International Astronautical Federation, acknowledging her expertise and accomplishments. Fiorella is part of the MUSA Project, winning First Place in the ICECubes category and also receiving the International Academy of Astronautics Award at the Tokyo 2019 Mission Idea Contest hosted by UNISEC, further showcasing her dedication to advancing space research applications. As the Public Relations and Communications Manager for the North, Central America, and the Caribbean Region of the Space Generation Advisory Council, she actively shapes the future of space-related endeavors. Currently, she is contributing her expertise as an advisor to the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica, working on the development of the Costa Rica National Bioeconomy Law.



María Fernanda’s background is in mechatronics engineering and currently works as Chief Administrative Officer at Orbital Space Technologies, a space start-up that she co-founded. She is a science and research enthusiast with a love for creating and executing new ideas and solutions. She wants to make space more accessible by creating opportunities for people in developing countries and is passionate about advocating for women’s rights. She was selected by SGAC as National Point of Contact for Costa Rica.

Noemy is passionate about Life sciences in Space and the big impact on life on earth. She is an Electromechanical Engineer student and Technical Engineer at Intel Corporation. Also, she is Vice President at BiomechaX Tech, a costarrican startup dedicated to astronaut training in Space.

Bryan Quirós has a strong academic background in both mechanical and industrial engineering fields. He is currently a senior at Latin American University of Science and Technology. Bryan has gained valuable skills in procurement operations, process improvement, data analysis, and project management. Bryan also volunteered in diverse humanitarian activities and accomplished notable achievements in the engineering field, including collaborating with a rocket dynamics team to produce fiberglass and epoxy resin rocket wings, supporting the creation of rocket fuel, and successfully launching and retrieving solid-propelled rockets. With his passion for engineering and commitment to excellence, Bryan is dedicated to making valuable contributions to the industry and society.

Melany is an 18 year old biomedical engineering student that loves everything related to medical and space sciences. She has participated in STEAM camps (WiSci Camp and Space Camp) and programs (MenTe-Ideas en Acción) that  claim for women inclusion into science and technology fields. She is deeply interested in manned space missions, application of artificial intelligence, human body behavior and adaptation under space extreme conditions and discovery of possible life in other planets.  Melany is also passionate about topics regarding cultural diversity, global issues, and human rights movements. 



Dominic’s professional experience has consisted of numerous engagements across the space ecosystem. As a Senior Analyst at Renaissance Strategic Advisors, Dominic supports strategy, market assessments, and M&A due diligence efforts for leading companies and startups in the aerospace and defense industry. In particular, Dominic has provided advisory services to multiple satellite operators as well as executed on the due diligence of multiple launch and space payload providers.
Prior to joining Renaissance, he interned with the NASA Ames Research Center supporting the Data and Reasoning Fabric team
Dominic studied at the University of Chicago where he graduated with a major in Public Policy Studies and a minor in Astronomy & Astrophysics. He also competed on the men’s varsity basketball team.

Dayanna Vargas is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Costa Rica. It is one of the two SGAC National Point of Contact for Costa Rica. She has worked with SGAC since 2018.

Alan O. Gómez is a multi-talented individual originally from Mexico who is currently residing in the United States. After earning an associates degree in Hospitality and Tourism, Alan decided to pursue his passion for Aerospace Engineering in Mexico and Business Management in the US.

Along with his academic pursuits, Alan has actively worked on the development of STEAM projects since 2017. He has participated in various initiatives such as the technological challenge F1 in Schools Mexico and the Global NFTE’s Showcase NYC 2017. He has also gained valuable experience in satellites, weather balloons, rovers and project management.

Currently, Alan volunteers at MILSET, where he helps at the communication, evaluation, and event planning departments. In his free time, he enjoy spending time in nature, with family, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Alan is a well-rounded individual with a passion for learning and making a positive impact on the world. His dedication to STEAM projects and volunteer work showcase his commitment to helping others and advancing science and technology



Itzel Rocillo is an autodidact pioneer in space law and policy from Mexico.

She studied law and has an intellectual property postgraduate. Has been working in the space and telecommunications sector since 2015 and has been part of SGAC since 2019.

For her contributions at local, regional and international level, received from SGAC the North, Central America and Caribbean (NCAC) Space Leader Award in 2022.  

Was moderator in the work table about Earth Observation, sponsored by SmatSall Alliance, during the 3th NCAC Workshop in NASA Space Center (Houston, Texas).

In Dubai 2021, Rocillo was the Mexico representation at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) during the 28th Workshop on Space Technology for Socio-Economic Benefits: “Space Exploration – A source of inspiration, innovation and discovery”.

This 2023 applied to the Emergency Space Leader Award, an International Astronautical Federation (IAF) program, with a proposal about “Public policy for development of space capabilities in Latin America” and with the support of the Mexico and Paraguay Heads of Agencies.

Itzel founded and currently directed the commercial initiative “KIBSEEK”, a Space Situational Awareness Service Provider. The team did the official media for the first Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency (ALCE) meeting and other national high level events such as the signing of the “Collaboration Agreement to promote the participation of girls, young women and women in science” between the Legislative power and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Katherinne Herrera-Jordan is the president and co-founder of the Guatemalan Association of Space Sciences and Engineering (AGICE), generating space-culture in Guatemala. She’s also the founder and CEO of Verne Technologies, the first Guatemalan space company, which generates technological solutions to problems on science and industry. She worked on the development and verification of the first Guatemalan microgravity simulator and presented it on the 72nd International Astronautical Congress in 2021, after being awarded as an Emerging Space Leader. She also worked on two NASA-funded projects at BioServe Space Technologies: 1) Simulated Micro-, Lunar, and Martian Gravity Microbial Research, and 2) Space Biofilms. She’s also the Chief Science Officer for Orbital Space Technologies (Costa Rica) and works in the MUSA project. Katherinne holds a bachelor’s degree on Biochemistry and Microbiology and hopes to continue her studies in Biomedical Engineering. 



Rebeca is an ENG-Project/Program Management Specialist at OpenText. She has software license & Master Data Analyst knowledge background, she is currently learning about Data Science and python programming, also expanding the knowledge in Social Marketing-Campaign. She is a part of the Commercial Space SGAC Project Group, loves to connect with new people, share experiences and help others when needed, has a very strong belief that Space is For all and that you should always follow your dreams, being passionate about it and never give up.

Derek is a 21-year-old boy from Panama. He is a music producer and sound engineering student. I am also a science enthusiast and he is fascinated by space. He’s so glad be part of this team. 

Lawanya is a passionate Space Engineering Masters student who is fascinated by the universe and strives to develop sustainable technologies for space exploration. She enjoys traveling and immersing herself in diverse cultures, always eager to learn and expand her knowledge. With her dedication and curiosity, Lawanya is sure to make a positive impact in her field.