Since 1988, ASI, the Italian Space Agency, has achieved the objectives set by the government in the space and aerospace field, promoting, developing, and disseminating basic and applied research, in collaboration with research institutions and industries. By coordinating this ecosystem, it aims at the progress, the competitiveness and the strengthening of the international component of ASI and the space sector in Italy, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by European and international development programmes.


Within 35 years, ALTEN has become leader in both outsourced Engineering and IT Enterprise Services and expert in Life Sciences. ALTEN carries out complex and highly technical projects throughout the value chain of the most prestigious companies in all sectors of industry, services and telecommunications. As leader of Engineering and Technology Consulting, the Group operates in more than 30 countries. We work with key players in the Aerospace &Space, Defense & Naval, Security, Automotive, Rail, Energy, Life Sciences, Financial, Retail and Services sectors. With sales of more than 3.78 billion euros, we currently have more than 54,100 employees worldwide. In Italy, with more than 4.000 employees over 14 offices, we are able to cover almost the entire country: from Turin to Naples.

ESA BIC Turin is the incubation program for innovative start-ups based on space technologies, with upstream or downstream applications, managed by I3P with the scientific and technological support of Politecnico di Torino and LINKS Foundation. The program, which was launched in 2021 and to date has over 20 incubated start-ups, is supported by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the European Space Agency (ESA) and, at local level, by Regione Piemonte, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

Latitudo 40 is an innovative startup in the field of Earth Observation that enables the making of informed, valid, and sustainable decisions for cities, populations, and the environment. Data from Earth Observation satellites are integrated with contextual data from other sensors and models, such as weather, population distribution, and open data.


First European company to demonstrate Deep Learning algorithms in orbit, AIKO is a deep-tech company founded in 2017, with offices in Torino, Italy, and Toulouse, France. Specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Automation technologies for space applications, the company delivers state-of-the-art solutions for flight and ground software, aiming to enable autonomous space missions. Currently, AIKO boasts a team of 38 world-class technology and business experts with core competencies spanning Artificial Intelligence, software, automation algorithms, business, and entrepreneurship.

Airbus Italia, part of Airbus Defence and Space, is a leading Italian space company with more than 35 years’ experience in space technologies. It has a recognized expertise in satellite missions covering Telecommunication, Earth Observation and Navigation including space as well as ground segment. It is the local industrial footprint of Airbus Defence and Space since 2015. Airbus Italia’s significant experience in design, integration and test is serving key European programs like METOP-Second Generation, QUANTUM, BIOMASS, Galileo, Pléiades Neo. Along its history, the Company also contributed to ARTEMIS, Radarsat 2, COSMO-SkyMed, Alphasat TDP#5 and has been actively involved in major Italian programs such as SICRAL, PLATiNO, ItalGovSatCom.

ESA BIC Brindisi is the first and only space-related startup incubator of Southern Italy belonging to the European Space Agency’s network of Business Incubation Centres. Managed by DTA (Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale), ESA BIC Brindisi operates with the support of Politecnico di Bari, University of Bari, University of Salento, and several industrial partners, as well as the Italian Space Agency. The program is co-financed by the Apulia Region for the exclusive benefit of the incubated start-ups. ESA BIC Brindisi is targeted at start-ups and informal teams developing solutions and services with a space connection. This encompasses utilizing space-based systems (such as satellite navigation, earth observation, and satellite communication), adapting space technologies for non-space applications (spin-outs), and innovating products and services for the space industry.

NurjanaTech is a highly specialized systems engineering, development, and integration solutions provider that helps government and commercial entities tackle tomorrow’s technical challenges through innovative products, collaborative ideas, and expansive networks. Technologies and demands are changing at an increasingly rapid pace. NurjanaTech’s specialized competence in pioneering precise, reliable designs and solutions gives defense and aerospace organizations a distinct advantage in system integration.


Apogeo Space is an innovative Italian start up focused on building a constellation of picosatellites to provide a global telecommunication service for the IoT (Internet of Things), connecting low power and low data rate devices located in remote or poorly connected areas. Some of the application sectors are: agriculture, infrastructures, environment, oil & gas, maritime, logistic/transportation, livestock, research and more, while our partners and target-clients are the IoT Solution providers and System integrators.

DigiSky works on aerial ground monitoring technologies for Earth preservation, emergency management, fire detection, surveillance and asset intensive companies. DigiSky enables high technology innovation levels in Avionics Systems, Special Mission Aircrafts and advanced Aerial Monitoring Projects. We aim to transfer innovative technologies from the ICT and automotive sectors into the General Aviation industry offering embarkation solutions that are easy to install, low costs and can be applied in several different fields.

ESA BIC Padua aims to promote the aerospace value chain through the selection and support of start-ups with a connection to the space sector, both upstream (satellites, communication systems, software for space missions’ control) and downstream applications (application of data and solutions derived from aerospace into other sectors such as environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, etc,). The 2-year incubation program will provide mentoring activities, technical and managerial support. The selected incubates will have the opportunity pitch their business to the market and to potential investors and will receive financial support to develop their products and services. Officina Stellare SpA, in partnership with Galileo Visionary District, the incubator of the University of Padua and with the support of both ESA and ASI, will manage the incubation program, from start-ups scouting to strategic business, technical and financial support.

G-nous is a tech company providing business and innovation services, connecting ideas, people and technology. The mission is to be the key access point for companies to new business opportunities offered by the space industry, and to advanced enabling technologies, such as robotics and AI. The company has consolidated expertise in the space sector with a focus on downstream projects and sustainability-oriented applications.

HE Space, part of CS GROUP, is a leading contracting company specialised in providing managed services and human resources to the international space sector for over 40 years. We hire space experts in the fields of engineering, science, software development, operations and administration across Europe. Our employees contribute towards every major European space programme. Are you as passionate about space as we are? Exciting jobs in the space industry all over Europe are waiting for you! The HE Space recruitment team is specialised in helping space talents launch their career by matchmaking them with notable players in the industry like ESA, ArianeGroup, Airbus Defence and Space, EUMETSAT, and DLR.

iSpace Europe S.A. was founded in Luxembourg in 2017 and has today approximately 35 employees. iSpace Europe is developing lunar exploration services using its in-house solutions to provide: 1) lunar surface mobility and 2) lunar data analytics, leveraging the transportation solutions from iSpace. The company is developing its first lunar rover for a planned flight on the iSpace M2 mission in late 2024. iSpace Europe and iSpace US benefit from the unique experience of iSpace inc., their parent company, which is the first private company to have developed, launched, and operated a lunar lander for its first mission to the moon (M1) in April 2023 and to have attempted a lunar landing.

Nanoracks Space Outpost Europe is based in Turin, Italy, and is part of XO Markets Holdings Inc. The company aims to establish a commercial market from Low Earth Orbit and beyond, leveraging access to a multitude of space platforms. Nanoracks Europe operates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific with both government agencies and the private sector. Nanoracks is the first company in the world to promote the commercialization of access to Space from the International Space Station. The company’s vision for democratizing access to space can be summed up in the slogan: “Humanity Unbound.”

Telespazio is a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) and one of the world’s biggest suppliers of satellite solutions and services. The company teams up with Thales Alenia Space to form the parent companies’ Space Alliance, a strategic partnership which offers a complete range of space services. Founded in Italy in 1961, Telespazio is based in Rome and counts more than 3000 employees in fifteen countries through its various subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Techno System Developments S.r.l (TSD Space) is a leading Italian private company established in 1977, specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing of cutting-edge on-board and ground electronic equipment for aerospace applications. Our journey began with an onboard system we developed for a successful space shuttle mission in 1993, initiating of an era of excellence. Today, with more than 300,000 hours of successful space flight, across the systems we have developed, we have gained remarkable experience in the field. Currently, our state-of-the-art equipment is powering five different systems in space, including satellites orbiting Earth, spacecraft and orbiters for deep space missions and the International Space Station.


AIPAS is a non-profit association of Italian space enterprises. Nowadays it has 70 Members, including 6 Large Companies and 64 SMEs. AIPAS Members operate in both the space upstream and downstream, in all the major technology domains, with consolidated experience in ESA, EU and national programmes. Founded in 1998 to represent Italian space SMEs, since 2007 AIPAS has welcomed large companies into the association to foster collaboration between SMEs and large enterprises and develop a favourable ecosystem for all space companies, regardless of their size. AIPAS is co-founder and Operational Secretariat of SME4SPACE, the representative organisation of SMEs in Europe’s space industry.

Bitorbit is a full-service digital agency born in Berlin in 2019 that provides 360-degree support to startups and businesses with unique products and experiences. Specialising in UX/UI design, Web and Mobile Development, Branding, Sound Design, and Digital Marketing, bitorbit is well-equipped to handle the diverse needs of its clients to always guarantee the best result in each project, making investments in digital innovation profitable. With years of experience, staff at Bitorbit knows exactly how to achieve the perfect combination of creativity, technology, strategy and production that together result in tangible value added

HyImpulse Technologies GmbH develops dedicated sub-orbital and orbital launch services powered by hybrid propulsion. Products: SR75 is a single stage sounding rocket using a hybrid rocket engine to deliver institutional and commercial experiments into a micro gravity environment during a suborbital flight. Small Launcher 1 (SL1) is the orbital launch vehicle that enables affordable, frequent, responsive and safe access to space for small satellites. It has a payload capacity of 500 kg to a 400 km SSO / 675 kg to LEO targeting the high growth market of dedicated small satellite launches. SL1 will be the first launch vehicle to use a hybrid engine with a Turbopump to feed the oxidizer in the world.

Leaf Space operates and continues to develop a solid and reliable distributed ground station infrastructure for a world where Space is for everyone, up there to be discovered and explored with small, versatile and cost-effective Smallsats. Our unique concept is focused on creating satellite telecommunications as-a-service, in order to assist clients with their satellite operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system through a complete set of services, including timeshared access to ground, customize telecommunication solutions, ground station procurement, consultancy and backup services. The outsourcing strategy for communications significantly reduces cost and development time for any Smallsat operator who relies on us, turning ground segment into a predictable recurring cost

Obloo Ventures is a company specializing in the creation, investment and development of businesses driven by scientific research. The team is composed of solid professionals with PhDs, collectively bringing decades of experience in venture capital, technology transfer and research management, gained at multinational companies and major international research centers. A pioneer of deep tech investments in Italy, Obloo Ventures is also the entrepreneurial partner and co-investor in the Italian Technology Transfer Hub on Aerospace, established by CDP Venture Capital.

Having recently celebrated 10 years of operations, Oxford Space Systems aims to become the global leader in deployable antennas for space. They are scaling up their engineering team and production facilities with their unique metal mesh knitting capability and composite manufacturing facility providing high quality reflector surfaces and lightweight structures for their innovative deployable antennas. They have flight heritage with helical and Yagi antennas already proven on orbit and large Wrapped Rib and Offset Reflector SAR antennas in the final stages of qualification for customers in the UK and around the world.

Zonta International is a leading global organization partnering with agencies of the United Nations to improve women’s conditions and opportunities in 71 countries. In addition to international service projects, such as ending child marriage and preventing violence, Zonta offers educational programs, including fellowships and awards for women and girls pursuing careers in traditionally male-dominated fields (such as Aerospace, Space Sciences, Business, STEM and Public Affairs). Founded in 2017, the Zonta e-Club of Italy 1 is a national Italian club composed by people from different regions, conducting local service and advocacy projects via online meetings and in-person events